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A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life”, reveals how Jim and Marge Grant, as conscientious and loving parents took their healthy infant son Scott, to their pediatrician for a well baby check up, only to have him literally wilt before their eyes upon receiving a series of DPT baby shots, given to immunize against the diseases: Diphtheria, Pertussis (known as whooping cough) and Tetanus.

This book is a culmination of many years of folks questioning the reason for Scott's profound disabilities while looking for accurate and credible answers.

This story illuminates a cozy relationship between the powerful pharmaceutical industry that make vaccines, and the government vaccine regulatory agency within the federal Food and Drug Administration, the (FDA). Which sends a powerful message that America's children are being forced to take vaccines that are not as safe and effective as our government and medical establishment would have us believe.

As the great Dr. Robert Mendelsohn so aptly said: “If this is preventive medicine, I'll take my chances with disease.” Every parent and grandparent will be interested to read this thought-provoking story, since the same vaccines that ruined Scott's life in l961, are currently a pre-requisite for children to attend school.

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