var PMA_messages = new Array(); PMA_messages['strNoDropDatabases'] = "\"DROP DATABASE\" statements are disabled."; PMA_messages['strDoYouReally'] = "Do you really want to "; PMA_messages['strDropDatabaseStrongWarning'] = "You are about to DESTROY a complete database!"; PMA_messages['strDropTableStrongWarning'] = "You are about to DESTROY a complete table!"; PMA_messages['strTruncateTableStrongWarning'] = "You are about to TRUNCATE a complete table!"; PMA_messages['strDeleteTrackingData'] = "Delete tracking data for this table"; PMA_messages['strDeletingTrackingData'] = "Deleting tracking data"; PMA_messages['strDroppingPrimaryKeyIndex'] = "Dropping Primary Key/Index"; PMA_messages['strOperationTakesLongTime'] = "This operation could take a long time. Proceed anyway?"; PMA_messages['strBLOBRepositoryDisableStrongWarning'] = "You are about to DISABLE a BLOB Repository!"; PMA_messages['strBLOBRepositoryDisableAreYouSure'] = "Are you sure you want to disable all BLOB references for database ?"; PMA_messages['strFormEmpty'] = "Missing value in the form!"; PMA_messages['strNotNumber'] = "This is not a number!"; PMA_messages['strAddIndex'] = "Add Index"; PMA_messages['strEditIndex'] = "Edit Index"; PMA_messages['strAddToIndex'] = "Add %d column(s) to index"; PMA_messages['strTotalCount'] = "Total count"; PMA_messages['strHostEmpty'] = "The host name is empty!"; PMA_messages['strUserEmpty'] = "The user name is empty!"; PMA_messages['strPasswordEmpty'] = "The password is empty!"; PMA_messages['strPasswordNotSame'] = "The passwords aren\'t the same!"; PMA_messages['strAddUser'] = "Add user"; PMA_messages['strReloadingPrivileges'] = "Reloading Privileges"; PMA_messages['strRemovingSelectedUsers'] = "Removing Selected Users"; PMA_messages['strClose'] = "Close"; PMA_messages['strEdit'] = "Edit"; PMA_messages['strLiveTrafficChart'] = "Live traffic chart"; PMA_messages['strLiveConnChart'] = "Live conn./process chart"; PMA_messages['strLiveQueryChart'] = "Live query chart"; PMA_messages['strStaticData'] = "Static data"; PMA_messages['strTotal'] = "Total:"; PMA_messages['strOther'] = "Other"; PMA_messages['strThousandsSeperator'] = ","; PMA_messages['strDecimalSeperator'] = "."; PMA_messages['strChartKBSent'] = "KiB sent since last refresh"; PMA_messages['strChartKBReceived'] = "KiB received since last refresh"; PMA_messages['strChartServerTraffic'] = "Server traffic (in KiB)"; PMA_messages['strChartConnections'] = "Connections since last refresh"; PMA_messages['strChartProcesses'] = "Processes"; PMA_messages['strChartConnectionsTitle'] = "Connections / Processes"; PMA_messages['strChartIssuedQueries'] = "Questions since last refresh"; PMA_messages['strChartIssuedQueriesTitle'] = "Questions (executed statements by the server)"; PMA_messages['strChartQueryPie'] = "Query statistics"; PMA_messages['strIncompatibleMonitorConfig'] = "Local monitor configuration incompatible"; PMA_messages['strIncompatibleMonitorConfigDescription'] = "The chart arrangement configuration in your browsers local storage is not compatible anymore to the newer version of the monitor dialog. It is very likely that your current configuration will not work anymore. Please reset your configuration to default in the Settings menu."; PMA_messages['strQueryCacheEfficiency'] = "Query cache efficiency"; PMA_messages['strQueryCacheUsage'] = "Query cache usage"; PMA_messages['strQueryCacheUsed'] = "Query cache used"; PMA_messages['strSystemCPUUsage'] = "System CPU Usage"; PMA_messages['strSystemMemory'] = "System memory"; PMA_messages['strSystemSwap'] = "System swap"; PMA_messages['strMiB'] = "MiB"; PMA_messages['strKiB'] = "KiB"; PMA_messages['strAverageLoad'] = "Average load"; PMA_messages['strTotalMemory'] = "Total memory"; PMA_messages['strCachedMemory'] = "Cached memory"; PMA_messages['strBufferedMemory'] = "Buffered memory"; PMA_messages['strFreeMemory'] = "Free memory"; PMA_messages['strUsedMemory'] = "Used memory"; PMA_messages['strTotalSwap'] = "Total Swap"; PMA_messages['strCachedSwap'] = "Cached Swap"; PMA_messages['strUsedSwap'] = "Used Swap"; PMA_messages['strFreeSwap'] = "Free Swap"; PMA_messages['strBytesSent'] = "Bytes sent"; PMA_messages['strBytesReceived'] = "Bytes received"; PMA_messages['strConnections'] = "Connections"; PMA_messages['strProcesses'] = "Processes"; PMA_messages['strB'] = "B"; PMA_messages['strGiB'] = "GiB"; PMA_messages['strTiB'] = "TiB"; PMA_messages['strPiB'] = "PiB"; PMA_messages['strEiB'] = "EiB"; PMA_messages['strTables'] = "%d table(s)"; PMA_messages['strQuestions'] = "Questions"; PMA_messages['strTraffic'] = "Traffic"; PMA_messages['strSettings'] = "Settings"; PMA_messages['strRemoveChart'] = "Remove chart"; PMA_messages['strEditChart'] = "Edit title and labels"; PMA_messages['strAddChart'] = "Add chart to grid"; PMA_messages['strAddOneSeriesWarning'] = "Please add at least one variable to the series"; PMA_messages['strNone'] = "None"; PMA_messages['strResumeMonitor'] = "Resume monitor"; PMA_messages['strPauseMonitor'] = "Pause monitor"; PMA_messages['strBothLogOn'] = "general_log and slow_query_log are enabled."; PMA_messages['strGenLogOn'] = "general_log is enabled."; PMA_messages['strSlowLogOn'] = "slow_query_log is enabled."; PMA_messages['strBothLogOff'] = "slow_query_log and general_log are disabled."; PMA_messages['strLogOutNotTable'] = "log_output is not set to TABLE."; PMA_messages['strLogOutIsTable'] = "log_output is set to TABLE."; PMA_messages['strSmallerLongQueryTimeAdvice'] = "slow_query_log is enabled, but the server logs only queries that take longer than %d seconds. It is advisable to set this long_query_time 0-2 seconds, depending on your system."; PMA_messages['strLongQueryTimeSet'] = "long_query_time is set to %d second(s)."; PMA_messages['strSettingsAppliedGlobal'] = "Following settings will be applied globally and reset to default on server restart:"; PMA_messages['strSetLogOutput'] = "Set log_output to %s"; PMA_messages['strEnableVar'] = "Enable %s"; PMA_messages['strDisableVar'] = "Disable %s"; PMA_messages['setSetLongQueryTime'] = "Set long_query_time to %ds"; PMA_messages['strNoSuperUser'] = "You can\'t change these variables. Please log in as root or contact your database administrator."; PMA_messages['strChangeSettings'] = "Change settings"; PMA_messages['strCurrentSettings'] = "Current settings"; PMA_messages['strChartTitle'] = "Chart Title"; PMA_messages['strDifferential'] = "Differential"; PMA_messages['strDividedBy'] = "Divided by %s"; PMA_messages['strUnit'] = "Unit"; PMA_messages['strFromSlowLog'] = "From slow log"; PMA_messages['strFromGeneralLog'] = "From general log"; PMA_messages['strAnalysingLogsTitle'] = "Analysing logs"; PMA_messages['strAnalysingLogs'] = "Analysing & loading logs. This may take a while."; PMA_messages['strCancelRequest'] = "Cancel request"; PMA_messages['strCountColumnExplanation'] = "This column shows the amount of identical queries that are grouped together. However only the SQL query itself has been used as a grouping criteria, so the other attributes of queries, such as start time, may differ."; PMA_messages['strMoreCountColumnExplanation'] = "Since grouping of INSERTs queries has been selected, INSERT queries into the same table are also being grouped together, disregarding of the inserted data."; PMA_messages['strLogDataLoaded'] = "Log data loaded. Queries executed in this time span:"; PMA_messages['strJumpToTable'] = "Jump to Log table"; PMA_messages['strNoDataFoundTitle'] = "No data found"; PMA_messages['strNoDataFound'] = "Log analysed, but no data found in this time span."; PMA_messages['strAnalyzing'] = "Analyzing..."; PMA_messages['strExplainOutput'] = "Explain output"; PMA_messages['strStatus'] = "Status"; PMA_messages['strTime'] = "Time"; PMA_messages['strTotalTime'] = "Total time:"; PMA_messages['strProfilingResults'] = "Profiling results"; PMA_messages['strTable'] = "Table"; PMA_messages['strChart'] = "Chart"; PMA_messages['strChartEdit'] = "Edit chart"; PMA_messages['strSeries'] = "Series"; PMA_messages['strFiltersForLogTable'] = "Log table filter options"; PMA_messages['strFilter'] = "Filter"; PMA_messages['strFilterByWordRegexp'] = "Filter queries by word/regexp:"; PMA_messages['strIgnoreWhereAndGroup'] = "Group queries, ignoring variable data in WHERE clauses"; PMA_messages['strSumRows'] = "Sum of grouped rows:"; PMA_messages['strLoadingLogs'] = "Loading logs"; PMA_messages['strRefreshFailed'] = "Monitor refresh failed"; PMA_messages['strInvalidResponseExplanation'] = "While requesting new chart data the server returned an invalid response. This is most likely because your session expired. Reloading the page and reentering your credentials should help."; PMA_messages['strReloadPage'] = "Reload page"; PMA_messages['strAffectedRows'] = "Affected rows:"; PMA_messages['strFailedParsingConfig'] = "Failed parsing config file. It doesn\'t seem to be valid JSON code."; PMA_messages['strFailedBuildingGrid'] = "Failed building chart grid with imported config. Resetting to default config..."; PMA_messages['strImport'] = "Import"; PMA_messages['strImportDialogTitle'] = "Import monitor configuration"; PMA_messages['strImportDialogMessage'] = "Please select the file you want to import"; PMA_messages['strAnalyzeQuery'] = "Analyse Query"; PMA_messages['strAdvisorSystem'] = "Advisor system"; PMA_messages['strPerformanceIssues'] = "Possible performance issues"; PMA_messages['strIssuse'] = "Issue"; PMA_messages['strRecommendation'] = "Recommendation"; PMA_messages['strRuleDetails'] = "Rule details"; PMA_messages['strJustification'] = "Justification"; PMA_messages['strFormula'] = "Used variable / formula"; PMA_messages['strTest'] = "Test"; PMA_messages['strGo'] = "Go"; PMA_messages['strCancel'] = "Cancel"; PMA_messages['strLoading'] = "Loading"; PMA_messages['strProcessingRequest'] = "Processing Request"; PMA_messages['strErrorProcessingRequest'] = "Error in Processing Request"; PMA_messages['strDroppingColumn'] = "Dropping Column"; PMA_messages['strAddingPrimaryKey'] = "Adding Primary Key"; PMA_messages['strOK'] = "OK"; PMA_messages['strDismiss'] = "Click to dismiss this notification"; PMA_messages['strRenamingDatabases'] = "Renaming Databases"; PMA_messages['strReloadDatabase'] = "Reload Database"; PMA_messages['strCopyingDatabase'] = "Copying Database"; PMA_messages['strChangingCharset'] = "Changing Charset"; PMA_messages['strTableMustHaveAtleastOneColumn'] = "Table must have at least one column"; PMA_messages['strYes'] = "Yes"; PMA_messages['strNo'] = "No"; PMA_messages['strInsertTable'] = "Insert Table"; PMA_messages['strHideIndexes'] = "Hide indexes"; PMA_messages['strShowIndexes'] = "Show indexes"; PMA_messages['strSearching'] = "Searching"; PMA_messages['strHideSearchResults'] = "Hide search results"; PMA_messages['strShowSearchResults'] = "Show search results"; PMA_messages['strBrowsing'] = "Browsing"; PMA_messages['strDeleting'] = "Deleting"; PMA_messages['MissingReturn'] = "The definition of a stored function must contain a RETURN statement!"; PMA_messages['enum_editor'] = "ENUM/SET editor"; PMA_messages['enum_columnVals'] = "Values for column %s"; PMA_messages['enum_newColumnVals'] = "Values for a new column"; PMA_messages['enum_hint'] = "Enter each value in a separate field"; PMA_messages['enum_addValue'] = "Add %d value(s)"; PMA_messages['strImportCSV'] = "Note: If the file contains multiple tables, they will be combined into one"; PMA_messages['strHideQueryBox'] = "Hide query box"; PMA_messages['strShowQueryBox'] = "Show query box"; PMA_messages['strNoRowSelected'] = "No rows selected"; PMA_messages['strChangeTbl'] = "Change"; PMA_messages['strQueryExecutionTime'] = "Query execution time"; PMA_messages['strNotValidRowNumber'] = "%d is not valid row number."; PMA_messages['strSave'] = "Save"; PMA_messages['strHideSearchCriteria'] = "Hide search criteria"; PMA_messages['strShowSearchCriteria'] = "Show search criteria"; PMA_messages['strZoomSearch'] = "Zoom Search"; PMA_messages['strDisplayHelp'] = ""; PMA_messages['strInputNull'] = "Select two columns"; PMA_messages['strSameInputs'] = "Select two different columns"; PMA_messages['strQueryResults'] = "Query results"; PMA_messages['strDataPointContent'] = "Data point content"; PMA_messages['strIgnore'] = "Ignore"; PMA_messages['strCopy'] = "Copy"; PMA_messages['strX'] = "X"; PMA_messages['strY'] = "Y"; PMA_messages['strPoint'] = "Point"; PMA_messages['strPointN'] = "Point %d"; PMA_messages['strLineString'] = "Linestring"; PMA_messages['strPolygon'] = "Polygon"; PMA_messages['strGeometry'] = "Geometry"; PMA_messages['strInnerRing'] = "Inner Ring"; PMA_messages['strOuterRing'] = "Outer Ring"; PMA_messages['strAddPoint'] = "Add a point"; PMA_messages['strAddInnerRing'] = "Add an inner ring"; PMA_messages['strAddPolygon'] = "Add a polygon"; PMA_messages['strAddColumns'] = "Add columns"; PMA_messages['strSelectReferencedKey'] = "Select referenced key"; PMA_messages['strSelectForeignKey'] = "Select Foreign Key"; PMA_messages['strPleaseSelectPrimaryOrUniqueKey'] = "Please select the primary key or a unique key"; PMA_messages['strChangeDisplay'] = "Choose column to display"; PMA_messages['strLeavingDesigner'] = "You haven\'t saved the changes in the layout. They will be lost if you don\'t save them. Do you want to continue?"; PMA_messages['strAddOption'] = "Add an option for column "; PMA_messages['strCellEditHint'] = "Press escape to cancel editing"; PMA_messages['strSaveCellWarning'] = "You have edited some data and they have not been saved. Are you sure you want to leave this page before saving the data?"; PMA_messages['strColOrderHint'] = "Drag to reorder"; PMA_messages['strSortHint'] = "Click to sort"; PMA_messages['strColMarkHint'] = "Click to mark/unmark"; PMA_messages['strColVisibHint'] = "Click the drop-down arrow
to toggle column\'s visibility"; PMA_messages['strShowAllCol'] = "Show all"; PMA_messages['strAlertNonUnique'] = "This table does not contain a unique column. Features related to the grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete links may not work after saving."; PMA_messages['strGridEditFeatureHint'] = "You can also edit most columns
by clicking directly on their content."; PMA_messages['strGoToLink'] = "Go to link"; PMA_messages['strGeneratePassword'] = "Generate password"; PMA_messages['strGenerate'] = "Generate"; PMA_messages['strChangePassword'] = "Change Password"; PMA_messages['strMore'] = "More"; PMA_messages['strNewerVersion'] = "A newer version of phpMyAdmin is available and you should consider upgrading. The newest version is %s, released on %s."; PMA_messages['strLatestAvailable'] = ", latest stable version:"; PMA_messages['strUpToDate'] = "up to date"; var themeCalendarImage = './themes/pmahomme/img/b_calendar.png'; var pmaThemeImage = './themes/pmahomme/img/'; var pmaversion = 'phpStudy 2014'; if ($.datepicker) { $.datepicker.regional['']['closeText'] = "Done"; $.datepicker.regional['']['prevText'] = "Prev"; $.datepicker.regional['']['nextText'] = "Next"; $.datepicker.regional['']['currentText'] = "Today"; $.datepicker.regional['']['monthNames'] = ["January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December",]; $.datepicker.regional['']['monthNamesShort'] = ["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec",]; $.datepicker.regional['']['dayNames'] = ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday",]; $.datepicker.regional['']['dayNamesShort'] = ["Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat",]; $.datepicker.regional['']['dayNamesMin'] = ["Su","Mo","Tu","We","Th","Fr","Sa",]; $.datepicker.regional['']['weekHeader'] = "Wk"; $.datepicker.regional['']['showMonthAfterYear'] = false; $.datepicker.regional['']['yearSuffix'] = ""; $.extend($.datepicker._defaults, $.datepicker.regional['']); } /* if ($.datepicker) */ if ($.timepicker) { $.timepicker.regional['']['timeText'] = "Time"; $.timepicker.regional['']['hourText'] = "Hour"; $.timepicker.regional['']['minuteText'] = "Minute"; $.timepicker.regional['']['secondText'] = "Second"; $.extend($.timepicker._defaults, $.timepicker.regional['']); } /* if ($.timepicker) */