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Values larger than 1800 may pose a security risk such as impersonation.%sZip compression%s requires functions (%s) which are unavailable on this system.%sZip decompression%s requires functions (%s) which are unavailable on this system.'%s' database does not exist.("PRIMARY" must be the name of and only of a primary key!)(Generates a report containing the data of a single table)(continued)(singly),, @DATABASE@ will become the database name, @TABLE@ will become the table name, latest stable version:- none -.... delete the old one from the user tables and reload the privileges afterwards.... delete the old one from the user tables.... keep the old one.... revoke all active privileges from the old one and delete it afterwards.%s table not found or not set in %sTotal: %s matchTotal: %s matchesCREATE TABLE options:INSERT DELAYED statementsINSERT IGNORE statements@SERVER@ will become the server nameA ":" delimited list of metadata headers to be used to initialize the pbms_metadata_header table when a database is created.A compressed file's name must end in .[format].[compression]. Example: .sql.zipA dropdown will be used if fewer items are presentA newer version of phpMyAdmin is available and you should consider upgrading. The newest version is %s, released on %s.A primary key has been added on %sA special MySQL user configured with limited permissions, more information available on [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/controluser]wiki[/a]A user-friendly description of this server. Leave blank to display the hostname instead.A warning is displayed on the main page if Suhosin is detectedAbortedAccess deniedActionActivate nowActivate tracking for %s.%sActive optionsAdd %d column(s) to indexAdd %d value(s)Add %sAdd %s column(s)Add %s statementAdd AUTO_INCREMENT valueAdd DROP DATABASEAdd DROP TABLEAdd DROP VIEWAdd FULLTEXT indexAdd IndexAdd a linestringAdd a new serverAdd a pointAdd a polygonAdd a valueAdd an inner ringAdd an option for column Add columnAdd column(s)Add columnsAdd constraintsAdd eventAdd geometryAdd indexAdd prefixAdd prefix to tableAdd primary keyAdd privileges on the following databaseAdd privileges on the following tableAdd search conditions (body of the "where" clause):Add slave replication userAdd statements:Add table prefixAdd to index  %s column(s)Add unique indexAdd userAdd/Delete columnsAdd/Delete criteria rowsAdding Primary KeyAdditional custom header comment (\n splits lines):AdministrationAdvanced server configuration, do not change these options unless you know what they are forAdvisor systemAffected rows:After %sAggregateAllAll status variablesAllow for searching inside the entire databaseAllow interrupt of import in case script detects it is close to time limit. This might be a good way to import large files, however it can break transactions.Allow login to any MySQL serverAllow logins without a passwordAllow root loginAllow the interruption of an import in case the script detects it is close to the PHP timeout limit. (This might be a good way to import large files, however it can break transactions.)Allow third party framingAllow to display all the rowsAllow to display database and table statistics (eg. space usage)Allow users to customize this valueAllows adding users and privileges without reloading the privilege tables.Allows altering and dropping stored routines.Allows altering the structure of existing tables.Allows changing data.Allows connecting, even if maximum number of connections is reached; required for most administrative operations like setting global variables or killing threads of other users.Allows creating and dropping indexes.Allows creating and dropping triggersAllows creating new databases and tables.Allows creating new tables.Allows creating new views.Allows creating stored routines.Allows creating temporary tables.Allows creating, dropping and renaming user accounts.Allows deleting data.Allows dropping databases and tables.Allows dropping tables.Allows executing stored routines.Allows importing data from and exporting data into files.Allows inserting and replacing data.Allows locking tables for the current thread.Allows performing SHOW CREATE VIEW queries.Allows reading data.Allows reloading server settings and flushing the server's caches.Allows shutting down the server.Allows the user to ask where the slaves / masters are.Allows to set up events for the event schedulerAllows viewing processes of all usersAlter column(s)Alter table order byAn alternate host to hold the configuration storage; leave blank to use the already defined hostAn index has been added on %sAn internal relation is not necessary when a corresponding FOREIGN KEY relation exists.Analyse QueryAnalysing & loading logs. This may take a while.Analysing logsAnalyzeAnalyze tableAnalyzing...AndAngular linksAnyAny hostAny userAppearance SettingsApply Selected ChangesApply index(s)AprAprilArabicAre you sure you want to disable all BLOB references for database %s?ArmenianAs defined:AscendingAt Beginning of TableAt End of TableAttributesAugAugustAuthenticating...AuthenticationAuthentication method to useAuthentication settingsAuthentication typeAutoextend incrementAutomatic layout based onAutomatic recovery modeAutomatically appended backtick to the end of query!Automatically create versionsAvailable MIME typesAvailable transformationsAverage loadBBEGIN CUTBEGIN RAWBackBad parameters!Bad type!BalticBasic settingsBecause of its length,
this column might not be editableBeginBigger textarea for LONGTEXTBinaryBinary - do not editBinary logBlowfish secretBookmark %s createdBookmark tableBookmark this SQL queryBookmarked SQL queryBothBrowseBrowse distinct valuesBrowse foreign valuesBrowse modeBrowse your computer:Browser transformationBrowsingBuffer PoolBuffer Pool ActivityBuffer Pool UsageBuffer pool sizeBuffered memoryBuild QueryBulgarianBusy pagesBytes receivedBytes sentBzip2CHAR columns editingCHAR textarea columnsCHAR textarea rowsCREATE DATABASE before copyingCSVCSV for MS ExcelCSV using LOAD DATACached SwapCached memoryCan not find signon authentication script:Can't copy table to same one!Can't move table to same one!Can't rename index to PRIMARY!CancelCancel requestCannot connect: invalid settings.Cannot convert file's character set without character set conversion libraryCannot load or save configurationCannot log in to the MySQL serverCannot read (moved) upload file.Cannot save UI property "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s". The changes made will not be persistent after you refresh this page. Please check if the table structure has been changed.Cannot save settings, submitted form contains errorsCardinalityCentral EuropeanChangeChange Login Information / Copy UserChange PasswordChange any of its settings by clicking the corresponding "Options" linkChange or reconfigure master serverChange passwordChange settingsChanges trackingChanging CharsetCharacter Sets and CollationsCharacter set of the fileCharacter set of the file:CharsetCharsetsChartChart TitleCheckCheck AllCheck PrivilegesCheck config file permissionsCheck for latest versionCheck privileges for database "%s".Check referential integrity:Check tableCheck tables having overheadCheckpoint frequencyChoose column to displayChoose how you want tabs to workChose "GeomFromText" from the "Function" column and paste the below string into the "Value" fieldClearClick a data point to view and possibly edit the data row.Click reset zoom link to come back to original state.Click the drop-down arrow
to toggle column's visibilityClick to dismiss this notificationClick to mark/unmarkClick to selectClick to sortClick to toggleCloseClosedCollationColumnColumn %s has been droppedColumn information tableColumn namesColumn names in first rowColumn names: Column-specific privilegesColumnsColumns enclosed byColumns enclosed with:Columns escaped byColumns escaped with:Columns separated with:Columns terminated byCommandCommentComment out these two lines if you do not need them.CommentsCompress connectionCompress connection to MySQL serverCompress gzip/bzip2 exports on the fly without the need for much memory; if you encounter problems with created gzip/bzip2 files disable this featureCompress on the flyCompressionCompression:Config authenticationConfiguration contains incorrect data for some fields.Configuration fileConfiguration has been savedConfiguration storageConfiguration: %sConfigure phpMyAdmin configuration storage to gain access to additional features, see [a@Documentation.html#linked-tables]phpMyAdmin configuration storage[/a] in documentationConfirm DROP queriesConnect without passwordConnection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.Connection typeConnectionsConnections / ProcessesConnections since last refreshConstraints for dumped tablesConstraints for tableContent of table @TABLE@Continue insertion with %s rowsContinued table captionContributeControl hostControl slave:Control userControl user passwordConvert to KanaConverts an (IPv4) Internet network address into a string in Internet standard dotted format.Cookie authenticationCookies must be enabled past this point.CopyCopy and paste the joined values into the "Length/Values" fieldCopy database toCopy table to (database.table):Copy table with prefixCopying DatabaseCould not connect to Drizzle serverCould not connect to MySQL serverCould not connect to the sourceCould not connect to the targetCould not import configurationCould not initialize Drizzle connection libraryCould not load default configuration from: %1$sCould not load export plugins, please check your installation!Could not load import plugins, please check your installation!Could not open file: %sCould not save configurationCould not save recent tableCould not save table UI preferencesCount tablesCount tables when showing database listCreateCreate PHP CodeCreate a new user with the same privileges and ...Create a pageCreate a page and export to itCreate a pma user and give access to these tables.Create an index on  %s columnsCreate databaseCreate database with same name and grant all privilegesCreate none database for userNoneCreate relationCreate tableCreate the needed tables with the examples/create_tables.sql.Create versionCreate version %s of %s.%sCreate viewCreatedCreationCreation of PDFsCreation/Update/Check datesCriteriaCroatianCurrent ServerCurrent connectionCurrent serverCurrent settingsCustomCustom - display all possible optionsCustom - display all possible options to configureCustom - like above, but without the quick/custom choiceCustomize appearance of the navigation frameCustomize browse modeCustomize default common import optionsCustomize default export optionsCustomize default optionsCustomize edit modeCustomize export optionsCustomize import defaultsCustomize links shown in SQL Query boxesCustomize main frameCustomize navigation frameCustomize query window optionsCustomize startup pageCustomize text input fieldsCyrillicCzechCzech-SlovakDanishDataData DictionaryData DifferenceData SynchronizationData definition statementData dump optionsData file grow sizeData filesData home directoryData log thresholdData manipulation statementData onlyData point contentData pointer sizeDatabaseDatabase %1$s has been created.Database %s has been copied to %sDatabase %s has been dropped.Database %s has been renamed to %sDatabase LogDatabase client versionDatabase comment: Database export optionsDatabase for userDatabase nameDatabase name templateDatabase seems to be empty!Database serverDatabase system or older MySQL server to maximize output compatibility with:Database tree separatorDatabase used for relations, bookmarks, and PDF features. See [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/pmadb]pmadb[/a] for complete information. Leave blank for no support. Suggested: [kbd]phpmyadmin[/kbd]Database(s):Database-specific privilegesDatabasesDatabases display optionsDatabases statisticsDateDeactivate nowDeactivate tracking for %s.%sDebug SQLDecDecemberDefaultDefault database tabDefault display directionDefault format; be aware that this list depends on location (database, table) and only SQL is always availableDefault languageDefault query window tabDefault serverDefault server tabDefault sorting orderDefault table tabDefault theme %s not found!Default titleDefine how long (in seconds) a login cookie is validDefine whether the previous login should be recalled or not in cookie authentication modeDefines how long (in seconds) a login cookie should be stored in browser. The default of 0 means that it will be kept for the existing session only, and will be deleted as soon as you close the browser window. This is recommended for non-trusted environments.Defines the list of statements the auto-creation uses for new versions.Defines the maximum size for input fields generated for CHAR and VARCHAR columnsDefines the minimum size for input fields generated for CHAR and VARCHAR columnsDefines whether SQL queries generated by phpMyAdmin should be displayedDefines whether or not type display direction option is shown when browsing a tableDefines whether or not type fields should be initially displayed in edit/insert modeDefines whether the query box should stay on-screen after its submissionDefines which type of editing controls should be used for CHAR and VARCHAR columns; [kbd]input[/kbd] - allows limiting of input length, [kbd]textarea[/kbd] - allows newlines in columnsDefragment tableDelDelayed insertsDeleteDelete all cookies on logoutDelete data or tableDelete relationDelete the matches for the %s table?Delete the table (DROP)Delete tracking data for this tableDeletingDeleting %sDeleting tracking dataDelimiterDescendingDescriptionDesignerDesigner tableDetails...DeveloperDifferenceDifferentialDirect linksDirectory [code]config[/code], which is used by the setup script, still exists in your phpMyAdmin directory. You should remove it once phpMyAdmin has been configured.Directory on server where you can upload files for importDirectory where exports can be saved on serverDirty pagesDisable %sDisable foreign key checksDisable if you know that your pma_* tables are up to date. This prevents compatibility checks and thereby increases performanceDisable multi table maintenanceDisable some of the warnings shown by phpMyAdminDisable the default warning that is displayed if mcrypt is missing for cookie authenticationDisable the default warning that is displayed on the database details Structure page if any of the required tables for the phpMyAdmin configuration storage could not be foundDisable the table maintenance mass operations, like optimizing or repairing the selected tables of a database.Disable this if you want to see all databases at onceDisable use of INFORMATION_SCHEMADisabledDisallow BLOB and BINARY columns from editingDisplayDisplay FeaturesDisplay MIME typesDisplay all tables with the same widthDisplay chartDisplay columns tableDisplay commentsDisplay comments (includes info such as export timestamp, PHP version, and server version)Display database comment instead of its nameDisplay databases as a listDisplay databases in a treeDisplay errorsDisplay foreign key relationshipsDisplay formatTableDisplay logoDisplay order:Display relational schemaDisplay server choice at the top of the left frameDisplay servers as a listDisplay servers selectionDisplay table comment instead of its nameDisplay table comments in tooltipsDisplay the function fields in edit/insert modeDisplaying Column CommentsDisplays a TIME, TIMESTAMP, DATETIME or numeric unix timestamp column as formatted date. The first option is the offset (in hours) which will be added to the timestamp (Default: 0). Use second option to specify a different date/time format string. Third option determines whether you want to see local date or UTC one (use "local" or "utc" strings) for that. According to that, date format has different value - for "local" see the documentation for PHP's strftime() function and for "utc" it is done using gmdate() function.Displays a clickable thumbnail. The options are the maximum width and height in pixels. The original aspect ratio is preserved.Displays a link to download the binary data of the column. You can use the first option to specify the filename, or use the second option as the name of a column which contains the filename. If you use the second option, you need to set the first option to the empty string.Displays a link to download this image.Displays a link; the column contains the filename. The first option is a URL prefix like "http://www.example.com/". The second option is a title for the link.Displays a part of a string. The first option is the number of characters to skip from the beginning of the string (Default 0). The second option is the number of characters to return (Default: until end of string). The third option is the string to append and/or prepend when truncation occurs (Default: "...").Displays an image and a link; the column contains the filename. The first option is a URL prefix like "http://www.example.com/". The second and third options are the width and the height in pixels.Displays hexadecimal representation of data. Optional first parameter specifies how often space will be added (defaults to 2 nibbles).Displays the contents of the column as-is, without running it through htmlspecialchars(). That is, the column is assumed to contain valid HTML.Divided by %sDo a "query by example" (wildcard: "%")Do not abort on INSERT errorDo not change the passwordDo not import empty rowsDo not overwrite this query from outside the windowDo not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero valuesDo not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero valuesDo you really want to Do you want to import remaining settings?DocSQLDocumentationDocumentation and further information about PBMS can be found on %sThe PrimeBase Media Streaming home page%s.Documentation and further information about PBXT can be found on the %sPrimeBase XT Home Page%s.DonateDoneDouble size of textarea for LONGTEXT columnsDownloadDownload fileDrag to reorderDropDrop the database (DROP)Drop the databases that have the same names as the users.Dropping ColumnDropping Primary Key/IndexDump TIMESTAMP columns in UTC (enables TIMESTAMP columns to be dumped and reloaded between servers in different time zones)Dump all rowsDump binary columns in hexadecimal notation (for example, "abc" becomes 0x616263)Dump has been saved to file %s.Dump some row(s)Dump tableDumping data for tableEND CUTEND RAWENUM or SET data too long?ENUM/SET editorESRI Shape FileEach point represents a data row.EditEdit IndexEdit PrivilegesEdit SQL queries in popup windowEdit chartEdit eventEdit in windowEdit modeEdit next rowEdit or export relational schemaEdit serverEdit settings for %sEdit title and labelsEdit/InsertEffectiveEiBEmptyEmpty phpMyAdmin control user password while using pmadbEmpty phpMyAdmin control user while using pmadbEmpty signon URL while using signon authentication methodEmpty signon session name while using signon authentication methodEmpty the table (TRUNCATE)Empty username while using config authentication methodEnable %sEnable AjaxEnable SQL ValidatorEnable SSL for connection to MySQL serverEnable StatisticsEnable [a@http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bzip2]bzip2[/a] compression for import and export operationsEnable [a@http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gzip]gzip[/a] compression for import and export operationsEnable [a@http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIP_(file_format)]ZIP[/a] compression for import and export operationsEnable advanced features in configuration file (config.inc.php), for example by starting from config.sample.inc.php.Enable highlightingEnable if you want DB-based query history (requires phpMyAdmin configuration storage). If disabled, this utilizes JS-routines to display query history (lost by window close).Enable the Developer tab in settingsEnabledEnables check for latest version on main phpMyAdmin pageEnabling this allows a page located on a different domain to call phpMyAdmin inside a frame, and is a potential [strong]security hole[/strong] allowing cross-frame scripting attacksEnclose export in a transactionEnclose table and column names with backquotesEnclose table and column names with backquotes (Protects column and table names formed with special characters or keywords)Encoding Conversion:End of lineEnginesEnglishEnter each value in a separate fieldEnter manuallyEnter server connection parametersErrorError creating foreign key on %1$s (check data types)Error in Processing RequestError in ZIP archive:Error management:Error moving the uploaded file, see [a@./Documentation.html#faq1_11@Documentation]FAQ 1.11[/a]Error reading data:Error renaming table %1$s to %2$sError saving coordinates for Designer.Error while creating PDF:Error while moving uploaded file.Error: Relation not added.Error: relation already exists.EsperantoEstonianEventEvent %1$s has been created.Event %1$s has been modified.Event nameEvent scheduler statusEvent typeEventsExcel editionExcel edition:ExceptExecuteExisting configuration file (%s) is not readable.Existing settings will be overwritten!Explain SQLExplain outputExportExport Method:Export as %sExport contentsExport defaultsExport methodExport of event %sExport time in UTCExport to selected pageExport typeExport/Import to scaleExporting databases from the current serverExporting rows from "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s" tableExporting tables from "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s" databaseExtraExtra parameters for iconvFOREIGN KEYFOREIGN KEY relation addedFailed attemptsFailed building chart grid with imported config. Resetting to default config...Failed formatting string for rule '%s'. PHP threw following error: %sFailed parsing config file. It doesn't seem to be valid JSON code.Failed to cleanup table UI preferences (see $cfg['Servers'][$i]['MaxTableUiprefs'] %s)Failed to connect to SQL validator!Failed to fetch headersFailed to open remote URLFailed to read configuration fileFailed to use Blowfish from mcrypt!Failed to write file to disk.FeaturesFebFebruaryFile %s already exists on server, change filename or check overwrite option.File %s does not contain any key idFile could not be readFile doesn't existFile may be compressed (%s) or uncompressed.File name template:File to Import:File upload stopped by extension.File uploads are not allowed on this server.File was not an uploaded file.FilesFilterFilter queries by word/regexp:Find:First pageBeginFlush (close) all tablesFlush query cacheFlush the table (FLUSH)Following settings will be applied globally and reset to default on server restart:Font sizeFor a list of available transformation options and their MIME type transformations, click on %stransformation descriptions%sFor default values, please enter just a single value, without backslash escaping or quotes, using this format: aFor further information about replication status on the server, please visit the replication section.Force SSL connectionForce secured connection while using phpMyAdminForeign key constraintForeign key dropdown orderForeign key limitFormatFormat of imported fileFormat-Specific Options:Format-specific options:Format:Formats text as SQL query with syntax highlighting.FrFree SwapFree memoryFree pagesFriFridayFromFrom general logFrom slow logFull startFull stopFull textsFulltextFunctionFunction to use when dumping data:FunctionsGLOBALS overwrite attemptGZipGZip output bufferingGarbage ThresholdGarbage thresholdGather errorsGeneralGeneral SettingsGeneral relation featuresGenerateGenerate PasswordGenerate passwordGenerated byGeneration TimeGeometryGeorgianGermanGet more editing spaceGet more themes!Get supportGiBGives access to the complete list of databases.Global privilegesGlobal valueGoGo back to previous pageGo back to this pageGo to database: %sGo to linkGo to table: %sGo to view: %sGot invalid version string from serverGrantGrant all privileges on database "%s"Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\_%)GreekGroup queries, ignoring variable data in WHERE clausesHTTP Basic Auth Realm name to display when doing HTTP AuthHTTP RealmHTTP authenticationHandlerHardware authentication failedHas no effect in this MySQL version.Headers every %s rowsHebrewHeightHelpHideHide browser transformationHide databasesHide databases matching regular expression (PCRE)Hide indexesHide query boxHide search criteriaHide search resultsHide/Show Tables with no relationHide/Show allHighlight pointerHighlight row pointed by the mouse cursorHighlight selected rowsHighlight server under the mouse cursorHomeHostHost authorization orderHost authorization rulesHostname where MySQL server is runningHourHovering over a point will show its label.How many queries are kept in historyHow many rows can be inserted at one timeHow many temporary files mysqld has created.How to connect to server, keep [kbd]tcp[/kbd] if unsureHow to useHowever on last run no data has been parsed, this usually means phpMyAdmin won't be able to finish this import unless you increase php time limits.HungarianIDIcelandicIconic errorsIconic navigation barIconic table operationsIf TRUE, logout deletes cookies for all servers; when set to FALSE, logout only occurs for the current server. Setting this to FALSE makes it easy to forget to log out from other servers when connected to multiple servers.If column type is "enum" or "set", please enter the values using this format: 'a','b','c'...
If you ever need to put a backslash ("\") or a single quote ("'") amongst those values, precede it with a backslash (for example '\\xyz' or 'a\'b').If enabled user can enter any MySQL server in login form for cookie authIf enabled, phpMyAdmin continues computing multiple-statement queries even if one of the queries failedIf the data in each row of the file is not in the same order as in the database, list the corresponding column names here. Column names must be separated by commas and not enclosed in quotations.If the temporary file used for fast MyISAM index creation would be larger than using the key cache by the amount specified here, prefer the key cache method.If this value is greater than 1, MyISAM table indexes are created in parallel (each index in its own thread) during the repair by sorting process.If tooltips are enabled and a database comment is set, this will flip the comment and the real nameIf using cookie authentication and %sLogin cookie store%s is not 0, %sLogin cookie validity%s must be set to a value less or equal to it.If you feel this is necessary, use additional protection settings - %shost authentication%s settings and %strusted proxies list%s. However, IP-based protection may not be reliable if your IP belongs to an ISP where thousands of users, including you, are connected to.If you have a custom username, specify it here (defaults to [kbd]anonymous[/kbd])If you wish to use the SQL Validator service, you should be aware that [strong]all SQL statements are stored anonymously for statistical purposes[/strong].[br][em][a@http://sqlvalidator.mimer.com/]Mimer SQL Validator[/a], Copyright 2002 Upright Database Technology. All rights reserved.[/em]If your server is also configured to accept HTTPS requests follow [a@%s]this link[/a] to use a secure connection.IgnoreIgnore all databases; Replicate:Ignore errorsIgnore multiple statement errorsImportImport / exportImport currencies ($5.00 to 5.00)Import currencies (ex. $5.00 to 5.00)Import defaultsImport filesImport from browser's storageImport from fileImport from selected pageImport has been successfully finished, %d queries executed.Import monitor configurationImport percentages as proper decimals (12.00% to .12)Import percentages as proper decimals (ex. 12.00% to .12)Import/Export coordinates for PDF schemaImporting into the current serverImporting into the database "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s"Importing into the table "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s"Improves efficiency of screen refreshInclude a timestamp of when databases were created, last updated, and last checkedInclude table captionIncludes all privileges except GRANT.Incorrect IP address: %sIncorrect valueIndexIndex %s has been droppedIndex cache sizeIndex name:Index type:IndexesInformationInitial state for slidersInline edit of this queryInline edit queryInlineInner RingInnoDB StatusInput proxies as [kbd]IP: trusted HTTP header[/kbd]. The following example specifies that phpMyAdmin should trust a HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR (X-Forwarded-For) header coming from the proxy[br][kbd] HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR[/kbd]InsInsecure connectionInsertInsert TableInsert another new rowInsert as new rowInsert as new row and ignore errorsInsert row(s)Inserted row id: %1$dInside column:Inside tables:Instead of INSERT statements, use:Insufficient space to save the file %s.Internal relationInternal relation addedInternal relationsInvalid IdentiferInvalid authentication method set in configuration:Invalid column (%s) specified! Ensure that columns names are spelled correctly, separated by commas, and not enclosed in quotes.Invalid column count in CSV input on line %d.Invalid databaseInvalid export typeInvalid format of CSV input on line %d.Invalid hostname for server %1$s. Please review your configuration.Invalid parameter for CSV import: %sInvalid server index: %sInvalid table nameIssueJanJanuaryJapaneseJavascript support is missing or disabled in your browser, some phpMyAdmin functionality will be missing. For example navigation frame will not refresh automatically.JoinsJulJulyJump to Log tableJump to databaseJump to database "%s".JunJuneJustificationKey cacheKey is too short, it should have at least 8 characters.Key should contain letters, numbers [em]and[/em] special characters.KeynameKiBKiB received since last refreshKiB sent since last refreshKillKoreanLINUX ONLY: Launches an external application and feeds it the column data via standard input. Returns the standard output of the application. The default is Tidy, to pretty-print HTML code. For security reasons, you have to manually edit the file libraries/transformations/text_plain__external.inc.php and list the tools you want to make available. The first option is then the number of the program you want to use and the second option is the parameters for the program. The third option, if set to 1, will convert the output using htmlspecialchars() (Default 1). The fourth option, if set to 1, will prevent wrapping and ensure that the output appears all on one line (Default 1).LaTeXLabelLabel keyLandscapeLanguageLast checkLast pageEndLast updateLast versionLatched pagesLatvianLeave blank for defaultsLeave blank for no "persistent" recently used tables across sessions, suggested: [kbd]pma_recent[/kbd]Leave blank for no "persistent" tables'UI preferences across sessions, suggested: [kbd]pma_table_uiprefs[/kbd]Leave blank for no Designer support, suggested: [kbd]pma_designer_coords[/kbd]Leave blank for no PDF schema support, suggested: [kbd]pma_pdf_pages[/kbd]Leave blank for no PDF schema support, suggested: [kbd]pma_table_coords[/kbd]Leave blank for no SQL query history support, suggested: [kbd]pma_history[/kbd]Leave blank for no SQL query tracking support, suggested: [kbd]pma_tracking[/kbd]Leave blank for no [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/bookmark]bookmark[/a] support, suggested: [kbd]pma_bookmark[/kbd]Leave blank for no [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/relation]relation-links[/a] support, suggested: [kbd]pma_relation[/kbd]Leave blank for no column comments/mime types, suggested: [kbd]pma_column_info[/kbd]Leave blank if not usedLeave empty if not using config authLeftLength/ValuesLet every user access this bookmarkLight tabsLimit column charactersLimits number of table preferences which are stored in database, the oldest records are automatically removedLimits the number of commands that change any table or database the user may execute per hour.Limits the number of new connections the user may open per hour.Limits the number of queries the user may send to the server per hour.Limits the number of simultaneous connections the user may have.Lines terminated byLines terminated with:LinestringLink not foundLinks toList of changesList of trusted proxies for IP allow/denyLithuanianLive conn./process chartLive query chartLive traffic chartLoadLoadingLoading logsLocalLocal monitor configuration incompatibleLog analysed, but no data found in this time span.Log buffer sizeLog cache sizeLog data loaded. Queries executed in this time span:Log file countLog file thresholdLog inLog nameLog outLog table filter optionsLogin InformationLogin cookie storeLogin cookie store is lower than cookie validity configured in phpMyAdmin, because of this, your login will expire sooner than configured in phpMyAdmin.Login cookie validityLogin without a password is forbidden by configuration (see AllowNoPassword)Logo link URLLogo link targetLogout URLMIME TYPES FOR TABLEMIME typeMIME types printed in italics do not have a separate transformation functionMain frameMake sure, you have unique server-id in your configuration file (my.cnf). If not, please add the following line into [mysqld] section:Manage your settingsMarMarchMark used tables and make it possible to show databases with locked tablesMaster configurationMaster replicationMaster statusMax Keep AliveMax: %s%sMaximal length of created queryMaximal number of table preferences to storeMaximum databasesMaximum displayed SQL lengthMaximum execution timeMaximum number of characters shown in any non-numeric column on browse viewMaximum number of characters used when a SQL query is displayedMaximum number of databases displayed in left frame and database listMaximum number of recently used tables; set 0 to disableMaximum number of rows to displayMaximum number of tables displayed in table listMaximum size for input fieldMaximum size for temporary files on index creationMaximum size for temporary sort filesMaximum table tree depthMaximum tablesMayMay be approximate. See [a@./Documentation.html#faq3_11@Documentation]FAQ 3.11[/a]MediaWiki TableMemory limitMerge with current configurationMetadata HeadersMiBMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Word 2000Minimum number of tables to display the table filter boxMinimum size for input fieldMinuteMissing a temporary folder.Missing data for %sMissing parameter:Missing phpMyAdmin configuration storage tablesMissing value in the form!MoModeModifications have been savedModifyMonMondayMonitorMonitor refresh failedMoreMore information on [a@http://sf.net/support/tracker.php?aid=1849494]PMA bug tracker[/a] and [a@http://bugs.mysql.com/19588]MySQL Bugs[/a]More settingsMove MenuMove table to (database.table):MySQL 4.0 compatibleMySQL Spatial Extension does not support ESRI type "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s".MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows).MySQL said: NameNatural orderNavigation frameNeeded for the replication slaves.Neither URL wrapper nor CURL is available. Version check is not possible.New nameNew page name: New serverNext monthNextNext pageNextNoNo PasswordNo PrivilegesNo activity within %s seconds; please log in againNo blob streaming server configured!No changeNo data foundNo data found for GIS visualization.No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file size exceeded the maximum size permitted by your PHP configuration. See [a@./Documentation.html#faq1_16@Documentation]FAQ 1.16[/a].No databasesNo databases selected.No description is available for this transformation.
Please ask the author what %s does.No event with name %1$s found in database %2$sNo files found inside ZIP archive!No index defined!No index parts defined!No newer stable version is availableNo preview available.No privileges.No rows selectedNo tables found in databaseNo tables found in database.No user found.No users selected for deleting!No valid authentication key pluggedNo valid image path for theme %s found!NoneNone encoding conversionNoneNone for defaultNoneNone privilegesNoneNormally, writes to the InnoDB buffer pool happen in the background. However, if it's necessary to read or create a page and no clean pages are available, it's necessary to wait for pages to be flushed first. This counter counts instances of these waits. If the buffer pool size was set properly, this value should be small.Not a non-negative numberNot a positive numberNot a valid port numberNot replicatedNote: Enabling the database statistics here might cause heavy traffic between the web server and the MySQL server.Note: If the file contains multiple tables, they will be combined into oneNote: MySQL privilege names are expressed in EnglishNote: Setting these options to 0 (zero) removes the limit.Note: phpMyAdmin gets the users' privileges directly from MySQL's privilege tables. The content of these tables may differ from the privileges the server uses, if they have been changed manually. In this case, you should %sreload the privileges%s before you continue.NovNovemberNow, add the following lines at the end of [mysqld] section in your my.cnf and please restart the MySQL server afterwards.NowhereNullNumber of columnsNumber of columns for CHAR/VARCHAR textareasNumber of inserted rowsNumber of queries to skip from startNumber of rowsNumber of rows displayed when browsing a result set. If the result set contains more rows, "Previous" and "Next" links will be shown.Number of rows for CHAR/VARCHAR textareasNumber of rows per pageNumber of rows to skip, starting from the first row:Number of rows:Number of tablesOKObject creation optionsObject creation options (all are recommended)OctOctoberOfficial HomepageOn a busy server, the byte counters may overrun, so those statistics as reported by the MySQL server may be incorrect.Once you restarted MySQL server, please click on Go button. Afterwards, you should see a message informing you, that this server is configured as masterOnly light version; display databases in a tree (determined by the separator defined below)Only show keysOnly slaves started with the --report-host=host_name option are visible in this list.OpenOpen DocumentOpen Document SpreadsheetOpen Document TextOpen new phpMyAdmin windowOpen the linked page in the main window ([kbd]main[/kbd]) or in a new one ([kbd]new[/kbd])OperationsOperatorOptimizeOptimize tableOptionsOrOrientationOriginal positionOtherOther core settingsOuter RingOutputOutput:OverheadOverviewOverwrite existing file(s)PARTITION definitionPBMS connection failed:PBMS errorPBMS get BLOB Content-Type failedPBMS get BLOB info failed:PDFPDF schema: pages tablePDF schema: table coordinatesPHP VersionPHP arrayPHP extensionPHP extension to usePackedPagePage creation failedPage has been createdPage namePage number:Page titlesPages containing dataPages to be flushedPaper sizePartial Import:Partial import: allow interruptPartial import: skip queriesPartial textsPartition %sPartition maintenancePasswordPassword HashingPassword for config authPassword:Pause monitorPending log file writes.Permanent query historyPersianPersistent connectionsPersistent recently used tablesPersistent tables' UI preferencesPiBPlay audioPlease add at least one variable to the seriesPlease be patient, the file is being uploaded. Details about the upload are not available.Please check privileges of directory containing database.Please choose a page to editPlease configure the coordinates for table %sPlease create web server writable folder [em]config[/em] in phpMyAdmin top level directory as described in [a@Documentation.html#setup_script]documentation[/a]. Otherwise you will be only able to download or display it.Please enter the values for transformation options using this format: 'a', 100, b,'c'...
If you ever need to put a backslash ("\") or a single quote ("'") amongst those values, precede it with a backslash (for example '\\xyz' or 'a\'b').Please note that enabling this has no effect with [kbd]config[/kbd] authentication mode because the password is hard coded in the configuration file; this does not limit the ability to execute the same command directlyPlease note that phpMyAdmin is just a user interface and its features do not limit MySQLPlease see the documentation on how to update your column_comments tablePlease select a databasePlease select databases:Please select the file you want to importPlease select the primary key or a unique keyPluginsPointPoint %dPolishPolygonPortPort on which MySQL server is listening, leave empty for defaultPortraitPositionPossible performance issuesPress escape to cancel editingPrevious import timed out, after resubmitting will continue from position %d.Previous monthPrevPrevious pagePreviousPrimaryPrimeBase XT Home PagePrintPrint viewPrint view (with full texts)PrivilegesProblems with indexes of table `%s`ProceduresProcessesProcessing RequestProfilingProfiling resultsPropose table structureProtect binary columnsProtocol versionPut columns names in the first rowQueryQuery cacheQuery cache efficiencyQuery cache usageQuery cache usedQuery execution timeQuery history lengthQuery resultsQuery results operationsQuery statisticsQuery took %01.4f secQuery windowQuery window heightQuery window height (in pixels)Query window widthQuery window width (in pixels)QuestionsQuestions (executed statements by the server)Questions since last refreshQuickQuick - display only the minimal optionsQuick - display only the minimal options to configureQuick steps to setup advanced features:RELATIONS FOR TABLERe-login to phpMyAdmin to load the updated configuration file.Re-typeRead missesRead misses in %Read requestsReading of version failed. Maybe you're offline or the upgrade server does not respond.RebuildRecall user nameReceivedRecent tablesRecently used tableRecently used tablesRecoding engineRecommendationRecord cache sizeRedrawRefreshRelated LinksRelation deletedRelation operatorRelation tableRelation viewRelational display columnRelational keyRelational schemaRelationsReloadReload DatabaseReload navigation frameReload pageReloading PrivilegesReloading the privilegesRemember file name templateRemember table's sortingRemote serverRemove "./config" directory before using phpMyAdmin!Remove BLOB Repository ReferenceRemove CRLF characters within columnsRemove carriage return/line feed characters within columnsRemove chartRemove column(s)Remove databaseRemove index(s)Remove partitioningRemove selected usersRemoving Selected UsersRename database toRename table toRename toRename view toRenaming DatabasesRepairRepair tableRepair threadsRepeat headersRepeat the headers every X cells, [kbd]0[/kbd] deactivates this featureReplace NULL byReplace NULL with:Replace existing bookmark of same nameReplace table data with fileReplace table prefixReplicate all databases; Ignore:ReplicatedReplicationReplication statusReport title:Repository ThresholdRequires SQL Validator to be enabledResetReset slaveReset zoomResource limitsRestore column orderRestore default valueResume monitorRetain query boxReturn typeRevokeRevoke all active privileges from the users and delete them afterwards.RightRomanianRoutinesRow StatisticsRow file grow sizeRow lengthRow markerRow sizeRow to begin at:RowsRows:Rule detailsRun SQL query/queries on database %sRun SQL query/queries on server %sRuntime InformationRussianSCHEMA ERROR: SHOW DATABASES commandSOAP extension not foundSQLSQL Query boxSQL ValidatorSQL Validator is disabledSQL command to fetch available databasesSQL compatibility modeSQL compatibility mode:SQL dumpSQL dump (file download)SQL executionSQL historySQL queriesSQL queries settingsSQL querySQL query history tableSQL query on database %s:SQL query tracking tableSQL resultSQL statements executed.SQL statements exported. Please copy the dump or execute it.SRIDSaSatSaturdaySaveSave all edited cells at onceSave as fileSave directorySave edited dataSave on serverSave on server in the directory %sSave output to a fileSave positionSave to browser's storageSaved on: @DATE@Schema of the %s database - Page %sScript timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit same file and import will resume.Scroll down to fill in the options for the selected format and ignore the options for other formats.SearchSearch in databaseSearch results for "%s" %s:SearchingSecondSecret passphrase used for encrypting cookies in [kbd]cookie[/kbd] authenticationSecuritySee [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/auth_types#signon]authentication types[/a] for an exampleSee slave status tableSelect AllSelect Export Relational TypeSelect Foreign KeySelect TablesSelect binary log to viewSelect columns (at least one):Select from the web server upload directory %s:Select pageSelect referenced keySelect two columnsSelect two different columnsSelect which functions will be used for character set conversionSelected export type has to be saved in file!Selected target tables have been synchronized with source tables.SentSepSeptemberSeriesServerServer ChoiceServer IDServer charsetServer configurationServer hostnameServer is configured as slave in a replication process. Would you like to:Server name templateServer portServer running with Suhosin. Please refer to %sdocumentation%s for possible issues.Server socketServer traffic (in KiB)Server variables and settingsServer versionServer:ServersServers display optionsSession valueSet import and export directories and compression optionsSet log_output to %sSet long_query_time to %dsSet some commonly used optionsSet the number of seconds a script is allowed to run ([kbd]0[/kbd] for no limit)Set value: %sSettingsSettings for phpMyAdmin developersSettings that didn't fit enywhere elseSettings will be imported from your browser's local storage.Settings will be saved in your browser's local storage.Short month nameMayShort week day nameSunShowShow %s with dates from %s to %s by user %s %sShow "Drop database" link to normal usersShow BLOB contentsShow Full QueriesShow PHP informationShow SQL queriesShow affected rows of each statement on multiple-statement queries. See libraries/import.lib.php for defaults on how many queries a statement may contain.Show allShow binary contentsShow binary contents as HEXShow binary contents as HEX by defaultShow colorShow connected slavesShow create database formShow database listing as a list instead of a drop downShow detailed MySQL server informationShow dimension of tablesShow display directionShow field typesShow formShow function fieldsShow gridShow help buttonShow help button instead of Documentation textShow hidden messages (#MSG_COUNT)Show hintShow icons for warning, error and information messagesShow indexesShow insert queryShow logo in left frameShow master statusShow more actionsShow only listed databasesShow open tablesShow password change formShow phpinfo() linkShow query boxShow search criteriaShow search resultsShow server listing as a list instead of a drop downShow slave hostsShow slave statusShow statisticsShow this query here againShow versionsShow/Hide left menuShowing SQL queryShowing as PHP codeShowing bookmarkShowing rowsShows link to [a@http://php.net/manual/function.phpinfo.php]phpinfo()[/a] outputSignon URLSignon authenticationSignon session nameSimplified ChineseSince grouping of INSERTs queries has been selected, INSERT queries into the same table are also being grouped together, disregarding of the inserted data.SizeSkip Explain SQLSkip Validate SQLSkip current errorSkip locked tablesSkip nextSkipping errors might lead into unsynchronized master and slave!Slave IO Thread not running!Slave SQL Thread not running!Slave configurationSlave replicationSlave statusSlovakSlovenianSmall/Big AllSnap to gridSocketSocket on which MySQL server is listening, leave empty for defaultSoftwareSoftware versionSorry, we failed to restore the dropped event.SortSort buffer sizeSort by keySort order for items in a foreign-key dropdown box; [kbd]content[/kbd] is the referenced data, [kbd]id[/kbd] is the key valueSortingSource databaseSpace usageSpanishSpecify browser's title bar text. Refer to [a@Documentation.html#cfg_TitleTable]documentation[/a] for magic strings that can be used to get special values.StackedStand-in structure for viewStart IO Thread onlyStart SQL Thread onlyStart rowStartupStatementsStatements to trackStatic dataStatusStop IO Thread onlyStop SQL Thread onlyStorage EngineStorage EnginesString that separates databases into different tree levelsString that separates tables into different tree levelsStructureStructure DifferenceStructure SynchronizationStructure and dataStructure for viewStructure of %sStructure of table @TABLE@Structure onlyStructure snapshotSuSubmitSubmit QuerySubmitted form contains errorsSuggest a database name on the "Create Database" form (if possible) or keep the text field emptySuggest new database nameSuhosin warningSumSum of grouped rows:SunSundaySweKey config fileSwedishSwitch to %svisual builder%sSwitch to copied databaseSwitch to copied tableSynchronizeSynchronize DatabasesSynchronize databases with masterSyntax to use when inserting dataSyntax to use when inserting data:System CPU UsageSystem memorySystem swapTab displayed when opening a new query windowTab that is displayed when entering a databaseTab that is displayed when entering a serverTab that is displayed when entering a tableTableTable %1$s has been altered successfullyTable %1$s has been created.Table %s already exists!Table %s has been copied to %s.Table %s has been droppedTable %s has been emptiedTable %s has been flushedTable %s has been moved to %s.Table %s has been renamed to %sTable SearchTable captionTable caption (continued)Table commentsTable maintenanceTable must have at least one columnTable nameTable name templateTable of contentsTable optionsTable seems to be empty!Table structure for tableTable to describe the display columns, leave blank for no support; suggested: [kbd]pma_table_info[/kbd]Table tree separatorTable(s):Table-specific privilegesTablesTables display optionsTabsTarget databaseTarget database has been synchronized with source databaseTarget database will be completely synchronized with source database. Source database will remain unchanged.Target for quick access iconTemp Blob TimeoutTemp Log ThresholdTemporary dataTestText fieldsTextarea columnsTextarea rowsTextarea size (columns) in edit mode, this value will be emphasized for SQL query textareas (*2) and for query window (*1.25)Textarea size (rows) in edit mode, this value will be emphasized for SQL query textareas (*2) and for query window (*1.25)Texy! textThThaiThe %s extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.The %s file is not available on this system, please visit www.phpmyadmin.net for more information.The %s functionality is affected by a known bug, see %sThe %s table doesn't exist!The $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] directive MUST be set in your configuration file!The MySQL server can ask the NDB Cluster storage engine if it knows about a table with a given name. This is called discovery. Handler_discover indicates the number of time tables have been discovered.The PrimeBase Media Streaming (PBMS) home pageThe PrimeBase Media Streaming Blog by Barry LeslieThe PrimeBase XT Blog by Paul McCullaghThe SQL validator could not be initialized. Please check if you have installed the necessary PHP extensions as described in the %sdocumentation%s.The XML file specified was either malformed or incomplete. Please correct the issue and try again.The amount of data read so far, in bytes.The amount of data written so far, in bytes.The amount of data written to the transaction log before a checkpoint is performed. The default value is 24MB.The amount of free memory for query cache.The amount of memory allocated to the transaction log cache used to cache on transaction log data. The default is 16MB.The average time to acquire a row lock, in milliseconds.The backed up query was:The bookmark has been deleted.The buffer that is allocated when sorting MyISAM indexes during a REPAIR TABLE or when creating indexes with CREATE INDEX or ALTER TABLE.The chart arrangement configuration in your browsers local storage is not compatible anymore to the newer version of the monitor dialog. It is very likely that your current configuration will not work anymore. Please reset your configuration to default in the Settings menu.The common part of the directory path for all InnoDB data files.The compiled-in InnoDB page size (default 16KB). Many values are counted in pages; the page size allows them to be easily converted to bytes.The configuration file now needs a secret passphrase (blowfish_secret).The current number of pending fsync() operations.The current number of pending reads.The current number of pending writes.The current page has references to tables that no longer exist. Would you like to delete those references?The database name is empty!The default pointer size in bytes, to be used by CREATE TABLE for MyISAM tables when no MAX_ROWS option is specified.The definition of a stored function must contain a RETURN statement!The directory you set for upload work cannot be reachedThe file being uploaded is probably larger than the maximum allowed size or this is a known bug in webkit based (Safari, Google Chrome, Arora etc.) browsers.The file is being processed, please be patient.The first line of the file contains the table column names (if this is unchecked, the first line will become part of the data)The following query has failed: "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s"The following structures have either been created or altered. Here you can:The grow size of the handle data (.xtd) files.The grow size of the row pointer (.xtr) files.The host name is empty!The imported file does not contain any dataThe increment size for extending the size of an autoextending tablespace when it becomes full.The indexes %1$s and %2$s seem to be equal and one of them could possibly be removed.The maximum size of a BLOB repository file. You may use Kb, MB or GB to indicate the unit of the value. A value in bytes is assumed when no unit is specified.The maximum size of a data log file. The default value is 64MB. PBXT can create a maximum of 32000 data logs, which are used by all tables. So the value of this variable can be increased to increase the total amount of data that can be stored in the database.The maximum size of a temporary BLOB log file. You may use Kb, MB or GB to indicate the unit of the value. A value in bytes is assumed when no unit is specified.The maximum size of the temporary file MySQL is allowed to use while re-creating a MyISAM index (during REPAIR TABLE, ALTER TABLE, or LOAD DATA INFILE).The maximum time to acquire a row lock, in milliseconds.The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results.The mode for automatic recovery of crashed MyISAM tables, as set via the --myisam-recover server startup option.The name of the primary key must be "PRIMARY"!The number of "random" read-aheads InnoDB initiated. This happens when a query is to scan a large portion of a table but in random order.The number of INSERT DELAYED handler threads in use. Every different table on which one uses INSERT DELAYED gets its own thread.The number of INSERT DELAYED rows written.The number of buffer pool pages that have been requested to be flushed.The number of bytes a script is allowed to allocate, eg. [kbd]32M[/kbd] ([kbd]0[/kbd] for no limit)The number of bytes written to the log file.The number of cache hits.The number of currently open connections.The number of doublewrite operations that have been performed.The number of executed FLUSH statements.The number of files that are open.The number of free pages.The number of fsync() operations so far.The number of fsync() writes done to the log file.The number of in-memory temporary tables created automatically by the server while executing statements.The number of internal COMMIT statements.The number of internal ROLLBACK statements.The number of joins that did a full scan of the first table.The number of joins that do not use indexes. If this value is not 0, you should carefully check the indexes of your tables.The number of joins that used a range search on a reference table.The number of joins that used ranges on the first table. (It's normally not critical even if this is big.)The number of joins without keys that check for key usage after each row. (If this is not 0, you should carefully check the indexes of your tables.)The number of key blocks in the key cache that have changed but haven't yet been flushed to disk. It used to be known as Not_flushed_key_blocks.The number of latched pages in InnoDB buffer pool. These are pages currently being read or written or that can't be flushed or removed for some other reason.The number of log write requests.The number of logical read requests InnoDB has done.The number of logical reads that InnoDB could not satisfy from buffer pool and had to do a single-page read.The number of merge passes the sort algorithm has had to do. If this value is large, you should consider increasing the value of the sort_buffer_size system variable.The number of non-cached queries (not cachable, or not cached due to the query_cache_type setting).The number of pages busy because they have been allocated for administrative overhead such as row locks or the adaptive hash index. This value can also be calculated as Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_total - Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_free - Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_data.The number of pages containing data (dirty or clean).The number of pages created.The number of pages currently dirty.The number of pages read.The number of pages that have been written for doublewrite operations.The number of pages written.The number of pending log file fsyncs.The number of physical reads of a key block from disk. If Key_reads is big, then your key_buffer_size value is probably too small. The cache miss rate can be calculated as Key_reads/Key_read_requests.The number of physical writes of a key block to disk.The number of physical writes to the log file.The number of queries added to the cache.The number of queries registered in the cache.The number of queries that have been removed from the cache to free up memory for caching new queries. This information can help you tune the query cache size. The query cache uses a least recently used (LRU) strategy to decide which queries to remove from the cache.The number of queries that have taken more than long_query_time seconds.The number of requests to insert a row in a table.The number of requests to read a key block from the cache.The number of requests to read a row based on a fixed position. This is high if you are doing a lot of queries that require sorting of the result. You probably have a lot of queries that require MySQL to scan whole tables or you have joins that don't use keys properly.The number of requests to read a row based on a key. If this is high, it is a good indication that your queries and tables are properly indexed.The number of requests to read the next row in key order. This is incremented if you are querying an index column with a range constraint or if you are doing an index scan.The number of requests to read the next row in the data file. This is high if you are doing a lot of table scans. Generally this suggests that your tables are not properly indexed or that your queries are not written to take advantage of the indexes you have.The number of requests to read the previous row in key order. This read method is mainly used to optimize ORDER BY ... DESC.The number of requests to update a row in a table.The number of requests to write a key block to the cache.The number of row locks currently being waited for.The number of rows deleted from InnoDB tables.The number of rows inserted in InnoDB tables.The number of rows read from InnoDB tables.The number of rows updated in InnoDB tables.The number of rows waiting to be written in INSERT DELAYED queues.The number of rows written with INSERT DELAYED for which some error occurred (probably duplicate key).The number of sequential read-aheads InnoDB initiated. This happens when InnoDB does a sequential full table scan.The number of sorted rows.The number of sorts that were done by scanning the table.The number of sorts that were done with ranges.The number of streams that are open (used mainly for logging).The number of tables that are open.The number of tables that have been opened. If opened tables is big, your table cache value is probably too small.The number of temporary tables currently open by the slave SQL thread.The number of temporary tables on disk created automatically by the server while executing statements. If Created_tmp_disk_tables is big, you may want to increase the tmp_table_size value to cause temporary tables to be memory-based instead of disk-based.The number of threads created to handle connections. If Threads_created is big, you may want to increase the thread_cache_size value. (Normally this doesn't give a notable performance improvement if you have a good thread implementation.)The number of threads in the thread cache. The cache hit rate can be calculated as Threads_created/Connections. If this value is red you should raise your thread_cache_size.The number of threads that are not sleeping.The number of threads that have taken more than slow_launch_time seconds to create.The number of times a row lock had to be waited for.The number of times a row was deleted from a table.The number of times that a table lock could not be acquired immediately and a wait was needed. If this is high, and you have performance problems, you should first optimize your queries, and then either split your table or tables or use replication.The number of times that a table lock was acquired immediately.The number of times the first entry was read from an index. If this is high, it suggests that the server is doing a lot of full index scans; for example, SELECT col1 FROM foo, assuming that col1 is indexed.The number of transactions that used the temporary binary log cache but that exceeded the value of binlog_cache_size and used a temporary file to store statements from the transaction.The number of transactions that used the temporary binary log cache.The number of unused blocks in the key cache. You can use this value to determine how much of the key cache is in use.The number of used blocks in the key cache. This value is a high-water mark that indicates the maximum number of blocks that have ever been in use at one time.The number of waits we had because log buffer was too small and we had to wait for it to be flushed before continuing.The number writes done to the InnoDB buffer pool.The password for %s was changed successfully.The password is empty!The passwords aren't the same!The path for the config file for [a@http://swekey.com]SweKey hardware authentication[/a] (not located in your document root; suggested: /etc/swekey.conf)The percentage of garbage in a data log file before it is compacted. This is a value between 1 and 99. The default is 50.The percentage of garbage in a repository file before it is compacted.The phpMyAdmin configuration storage has been deactivated. To find out why click %shere%s.The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated. To find out why click %shere%s.The plot can be resized by dragging it along the bottom right corner.The port for the PBMS stream-based communications. Setting this value to 0 will disable HTTP communication with the daemon.The primary key has been droppedThe privileges were reloaded successfully.The profile has been updated.The row has been deletedThe selected user was not found in the privilege table.The selected users have been deleted successfully.The server is not responding (or the local server's socket is not correctly configured).The server is not responding.The size of a transaction log before rollover, and a new log is created. The default value is 16MB.The size of the buffer used when writing a data log. The default is 256MB. The engine allocates one buffer per thread, but only if the thread is required to write a data log.The size of the global transaction log buffer (the engine allocates 2 buffers of this size). The default is 1MB.The size of the memory buffer InnoDB uses to cache data and indexes of its tables.The status of failsafe replication (not yet implemented).The table name is empty!The target browser window could not be updated. Maybe you have closed the parent window, or your browser's security settings are configured to block cross-window updates.The timeout for inactive connection with the keep-alive flag set. After this time the connection will be closed. The time-out is in milliseconds (1/1000).The timeout, in seconds, for temporary BLOBs. Uploaded BLOB data is removed after this time, unless they are referenced by a record in the database.The total cost of the last compiled query as computed by the query optimizer. Useful for comparing the cost of different query plans for the same query. The default value of 0 means that no query has been compiled yet.The total number of blocks in the query cache.The total number of data reads.The total number of data writes.The total time spent in acquiring row locks, in milliseconds.The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.The user %s already exists!The user name is empty!The web server does not have permission to save the file %s.ThemeTheme %s not found!Theme path not found for theme %s!There are no configured serversThere are no files to uploadThere are no recent tablesThere is a chance that you may have found a bug in the SQL parser. Please examine your query closely, and check that the quotes are correct and not mis-matched. Other possible failure causes may be that you are uploading a file with binary outside of a quoted text area. You can also try your query on the MySQL command line interface. The MySQL server error output below, if there is any, may also help you in diagnosing the problem. If you still have problems or if the parser fails where the command line interface succeeds, please reduce your SQL query input to the single query that causes problems, and submit a bug report with the data chunk in the CUT section below:There is no detailed status information available for this storage engine.There seems to be an error in your SQL query. The MySQL server error output below, if there is any, may also help you in diagnosing the problemThere was an error importing the ESRI shape file: "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s".These are Edit, Copy and Delete linksThis %soption%s should be disabled as it allows attackers to bruteforce login to any MySQL server. If you feel this is necessary, use %strusted proxies list%s. However, IP-based protection may not be reliable if your IP belongs to an ISP where thousands of users, including you, are connected to.This %soption%s should be enabled if your web server supports it.This HostThis MySQL server does not support the %s storage engine.This MySQL server works as master and slave in replication process.This MySQL server works as master in replication process.This MySQL server works as slave in replication process.This column shows the amount of identical queries that are grouped together. However only the SQL query itself has been used as a grouping criteria, so the other attributes of queries, such as start time, may differ.This feature is not supported by your web browserThis format has no optionsThis is ON if this server is a slave that is connected to a master.This is not a number!This is the amount of memory allocated to the index cache. Default value is 32MB. The memory allocated here is used only for caching index pages.This is the amount of memory allocated to the record cache used to cache table data. The default value is 32MB. This memory is used to cache changes to the handle data (.xtd) and row pointer (.xtr) files.This is the number of transaction log files (pbxt/system/xlog*.xt) the system will maintain. If the number of logs exceeds this value then old logs will be deleted, otherwise they are renamed and given the next highest number.This operation could take a long time. Proceed anyway?This option will replace your table and contained data.This page does not contain any tables!This plugin does not support compressed imports!This server is configured as master in a replication process.This server is not configured as master in a replication process. Would you like to configure it?This server is not configured as master server in a replication process. You can choose from either replicating all databases and ignoring certain (useful if you want to replicate majority of databases) or you can choose to ignore all databases by default and allow only certain databases to be replicated. Please select the mode:This server is not configured as slave in a replication process. Would you like to configure it?This setting is disabled, it will not be applied to your configurationThis table does not contain a unique column. Features related to the grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete links may not work after saving.This usually means there is a syntax error in it, please check any errors shown below.This value is interpreted using %1$sstrftime%2$s, so you can use time formatting strings. Additionally the following transformations will happen: %3$s. Other text will be kept as is. See the %4$sFAQ%5$s for details.This value should be double checked to ensure that this directory is neither world accessible nor readable or writable by other users on your server.This view has at least this number of rows. Please refer to %sdocumentation%s.Thread %s was successfully killed.ThreadsThuThursdayTiBTimeTitle of browser window when a database is selectedTitle of browser window when a server is selectedTitle of browser window when a table is selectedTitle of browser window when nothing is selectedToTo zoom in, select a section of the plot with the mouse.TodayToggle scratchboardToggle small/bigToo many error messages, some are not displayed.TotalTotal (since startup) number of times the replication slave SQL thread has retried transactions.Total SwapTotal countTotal memoryTotal size of buffer pool, in pages.Total time:Total:Track tableTrack these data definition statements:Track these data manipulation statements:Tracked tablesTrackingTracking for %s.%s , version %s is activated.Tracking for %s.%s , version %s is deactivated.Tracking is active.Tracking is not active.Tracking of %s.%s is activated.Tracking of changes made in database. Requires the phpMyAdmin configuration storage.Tracking reportTracking report for table `%s`Tracking statementsTraditional ChineseTraditional SpanishTrafficTransaction buffer sizeTransaction coordinatorTransformation optionsTriggersTruncate Shown QueriesTry to connect without passwordTry to revert erroneous fields to their default valuesTuTueTuesdayTurkishTypeUI preferences tableURL where logo in the navigation frame will point toUkrainianUnable to change masterUnable to connect to master %s.Unable to read master log position. Possible privilege problem on master.Uncheck AllUnclosed quoteUnicodeUniqueUnitUnknown Punctuation StringUnknown errorUnknown error in file upload.Unknown error while uploading.Unknown language: %1$s.Unparsable version stringUnselect AllUntracked tablesUpdate QueryUpdate row(s)UpdatedUpload directoryUpload to BLOB repositoryUse Host TableUse LOCAL keywordUse OpenStreetMaps as Base LayerUse SSLUse TAB key to move from value to value, or CTRL+arrows to move anywhereUse TablesUse database searchUse delayed insertsUse hexadecimal for BLOBUse icons on main pageUse ignore insertsUse less graphically intense tabsUse light versionUse natural order for sorting table and database namesUse only icons, only text or bothUse persistent connections to MySQL databasesUse text fieldUse this column to label each pointUse this valueUsed SwapUsed memoryUsed variable / formulaUserUser for config authUser nameUser preferencesUser preferences storage tableUsernameUsername:UsersUsers cannot set a higher valueUsers having access to "%s"Using bookmark "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s" as default browse query.VIEW nameValidate SQLValidated SQLValueValue for the column "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s"Value must be equal or lower than %sValues for a new columnValues for column %sVariableVariablesVerbose checkVerbose multiple statementsVerbose name of this serverVersionVersion %s is created, tracking for %s.%s is activated.Version %s snapshot (SQL code)Version checkVersion informationVersionsViewView %s has been droppedView a structure's contents by clicking on its nameView dump (schema) of databaseView dump (schema) of databasesView dump (schema) of tableView imageView onlyView output as textView videoViewsVisualize GIS dataWarningWarningsWeWeb serverWedWednesdayWelcome to %sWell Known BinaryWell Known TextWest EuropeanWhat PHP extension to use; you should use mysqli if supportedWhen Host table is used, this field is ignored and values stored in Host table are used instead.When browsing tables, the sorting of each table is rememberedWhen disabled, users cannot set any of the options below, regardless of the checkbox on the rightWhen setting this to [kbd]nested[/kbd], the alias of the table name is only used to split/nest the tables according to the $cfg['LeftFrameTableSeparator'] directive, so only the folder is called like the alias, the table name itself stays unchangedWhere to show the table row linksWhether a DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS statement will be added as first line to the log when creating a database.Whether a DROP TABLE IF EXISTS statement will be added as first line to the log when creating a table.Whether a DROP VIEW IF EXISTS statement will be added as first line to the log when creating a view.Whether a user should be displayed a "show all (rows)" buttonWhether a warning ("Are your really sure...") should be displayed when you're about to lose dataWhether the tracking mechanism creates versions for tables and views automatically.Whether to show hint or notWhile requesting new chart data the server returned an invalid response. This is most likely because your session expired. Reloading the page and reentering your credentials should help.WidthWikiWildcards % and _ should be escaped with a \ to use them literallyWith selected:Without PHP CodeWkWords are separated by a space character (" ").Words or values to search for (wildcard: "%"):Would you like to delete all the previous rows from target tables?Write requestsWrite waitsWrite waits in %Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!Wrong username/password. Access denied.XXMLYY ValuesYear suffixnoneYesYou allow for connecting to the server without a password.You are about to DESTROY a complete database!You are about to DESTROY a complete table!You are about to DISABLE a BLOB Repository!You are about to TRUNCATE a complete table!You are not using a secure connection; all data (including potentially sensitive information, like passwords) is transferred unencrypted!You are using Git version, run [kbd]git pull[/kbd] :-)[br]The latest stable version is %s, released on %s.You attempted to load file with unsupported compression (%s). Either support for it is not implemented or disabled by your configuration.You can also edit most columns
by clicking directly on their content.You can enter hostname/IP address and port separated by space.You can execute the dump by creating and using a temporary database. Please ensure that you have the privileges to do so.You can reset all your settings and restore them to default values.You can set more settings by modifying config.inc.php, eg. by using %sSetup script%s.You can use MySQL wildcard characters (% and _), escape them if you want to use their literal instances, i.e. use [kbd]'my\_db'[/kbd] and not [kbd]'my_db'[/kbd]. Using this option you can sort database list, just enter their names in order and use [kbd]*[/kbd] at the end to show the rest in alphabetical order.You can't change these variables. Please log in as root or contact your database administrator.You didn't have blowfish secret set and have enabled cookie authentication, so a key was automatically generated for you. It is used to encrypt cookies; you don't need to remember it.You do not have the necessary privileges to create an eventYou don't have sufficient privileges to be here right now!You have added a new user.You have edited some data and they have not been saved. Are you sure you want to leave this page before saving the data?You have enabled mbstring.func_overload in your PHP configuration. This option is incompatible with phpMyAdmin and might cause some data to be corrupted!You have no saved settings!You have revoked the privileges for %sYou have to add at least one column.You have to choose at least one column to displayYou have updated the privileges for %s.You haven't saved the changes in the layout. They will be lost if you don't save them. Do you want to continue?You must provide a valid event for the triggerYou must provide a valid execution time for the event.You must provide a valid interval value for the event.You must provide a valid type for the event.You must provide an event definition.You must provide an event nameYou probably did not create a configuration file. You might want to use the %1$ssetup script%2$s to create one.You probably tried to upload too large file. Please refer to %sdocumentation%s for ways to workaround this limit.You set the [kbd]config[/kbd] authentication type and included username and password for auto-login, which is not a desirable option for live hosts. Anyone who knows or guesses your phpMyAdmin URL can directly access your phpMyAdmin panel. Set %sauthentication type%s to [kbd]cookie[/kbd] or [kbd]http[/kbd].You should upgrade to %s %s or later.You should use mysqli for performance reasons.You tried to import an invalid file or the imported file contains invalid dataYour PHP MySQL library version %s differs from your MySQL server version %s. This may cause unpredictable behavior.Your PHP parameter [a@http://php.net/manual/en/session.configuration.php#ini.session.gc-maxlifetime@_blank]session.gc_maxlifetime[/a] is lower than cookie validity configured in phpMyAdmin, because of this, your login will expire sooner than configured in phpMyAdmin.Your SQL query has been executed successfullyYour browser has phpMyAdmin configuration for this domain. Would you like to import it for current session?Your configuration file contains settings (root with no password) that correspond to the default MySQL privileged account. Your MySQL server is running with this default, is open to intrusion, and you really should fix this security hole by setting a password for user 'root'.Your preferences will be saved for current session only. Storing them permanently requires %sphpMyAdmin configuration storage%s.ZIPZoom Search[kbd]SMART[/kbd] - i.e. descending order for columns of type TIME, DATE, DATETIME and TIMESTAMP, ascending order otherwise[strong]Warning:[/strong] requires PHP SOAP extension or PEAR SOAP to be installedactiveall wordsand thenas regular expressionat least one of the wordsboth of the aboveboth of the above
      Example: INSERT INTO tbl_name (col_A,col_B) VALUES (1,2,3), (4,5,6), (7,8,9)bzippedcalendar-month-yearcase-insensitivecase-sensitivecomplete insertsconcurrent_insert is set to 0datadatabase-specificdictionarydynamicerrors.eventexport will not work, missing function (%s)extended insertsfor MIME transformationDescriptionfor defaultNonegeneral_log and slow_query_log are enabled.general_log is enabled.globalgzippedhorizontalhorizontal (rotated headers)import will not work, missing function (%s)in queryin useinclude column names in every INSERT statement
      Example: INSERT INTO tbl_name (col_A,col_B,col_C) VALUES (1,2,3)insert multiple rows in every INSERT statement
      Example: INSERT INTO tbl_name VALUES (1,2,3), (4,5,6), (7,8,9)let the user chooselog_output is not set to TABLE.log_output is set to TABLE.long_query_time is set to %d second(s).ltrmax. concurrent connectionsmaximum %smcrypt warningmultilingualneither of the aboveneither of the above
      Example: INSERT INTO tbl_name VALUES (1,2,3)no descriptionnot OKnot activenot presentnumeric key detectedpagespartitionedper dayper hourper minuteper secondphone bookphpMyAdmin documentationphpMyAdmin homepagephpMyAdmin is more friendly with a frames-capable browser.phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.phpMyAdmin was unable to kill thread %s. It probably has already been closed.possible deep recursion attackpossible exploitrecommendedsharedshort formCreate tableslow_query_log and general_log are disabled.slow_query_log is enabled, but the server logs only queries that take longer than %d seconds. It is advisable to set this long_query_time 0-2 seconds, depending on your system.slow_query_log is enabled.staticstructurestructure and datasubquerytake itthe exact phrasetotalunavailableunknownunknown table status: up to dateuse GZip output buffering for increased speed in HTTP transfersuse this for future exportsverticalweb server upload directorywildcardzippedProject-Id-Version: phpMyAdmin 3.5.4-dev Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: phpmyadmin-devel@lists.sourceforge.net POT-Creation-Date: 2012-10-16 14:37+0200 PO-Revision-Date: 2013-02-07 16:22+0200 Last-Translator: atitan XD Language-Team: Chinese (Taiwan) Language: zh_TW MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0; X-Generator: Weblate 1.5-dev “%s”功能需要 %s 外掛刪除資料庫的指令「DROP DATABASE」已經被停用。影響了 %1$d 行。刪除了 %1$d 行。插入了 %1$d 行。%Y 年 %m 月 %d 日 %H:%M%d 不是正確的資料列行數。%d 個資料表已成功刪除 %s 個資料庫%s 天 %s 小時,%s 分 %s 秒%s 在此 MySQL 伺服器上被禁用。MySQL 伺服器支援 %s。此 MySQL 伺服器的預設儲存引擎是 %s。%s 筆資料符合 - 於資料表 %s%s 張資料表此系統目前不支援 %sBzip2 壓縮和解壓縮%s所必須的 (%s) 函數此系統目前不支援 %sGZip 壓縮和解壓縮%s所必須的 (%s) 函數如果%s登錄 cookie 有效期%s超過 1440 秒且超過 %ssession.gc_maxlifetime%s 的值 (目前 %d) 則可能導致連線隨機失效%s登錄 cookie 有效期%s不應超過 1800 秒 (30 分鐘)。如果有效期大於 1800 秒,將會增加安全風險此系統目前不支援 %sZip 壓縮%s所必須的 (%s) 函數此系統目前不支援 %sZip 解壓縮%s所必須的 (%s) 函數資料庫 '%s' 不存在(“PRIMARY”必須而且只能作爲主鍵的名稱!)(根據一個資料表的資料產生報告)(持續的)(逐一),,@DATABASE@ 將變成資料庫名,@TABLE@ 將變成資料資料表名稱,最新穩定版本:- 無 -.... 從使用者資料表中刪除舊使用者,然後重新載入權限... 從使用者資料表中刪除舊使用者... 保留舊使用者... 移除舊使用者的所有權限,然後刪除舊使用者找不到 %s 表或還未在 %s 設定總計: %s 項資料符合CREATE TABLE 選項:INSERT DELAYED (延遲插入) 指令INSERT IGNORE (忽略插入) 指令@SERVER@ 將變成伺服器名稱建立資料庫時用來原始化 pbms_metadata_header 表的用“:”分隔的後設資料頭列表壓縮檔案名稱必須以 .[格式].[壓縮方式] 結尾。如:.sql.zip下拉選單中選項個數的限制新的 phpMyAdmin 已經發佈了,請考慮升級至最新的版本(版本 %s,於 %s 發佈)。已將 %s 設爲主鍵一個特殊的被限制權限的 MySQL 使用者,參見 [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/controluser]wiki [/a]一個好記的名字。留空將顯示主機名。若檢測到 Suhosin 將在首頁顯示一個警告已取消拒絕訪問動作立即啓用啓用 %s.%s 的追蹤目前選項增加 %d 個欄位當作索引增加 %d 個值新增 %s增加 %s 個字段新增 %s 指令新增自動遞增(AUTO_INCREMENT)數值新增 DROP DATABASE新增 DROP TABLE新增 DROP VIEW新增全文索引新增索引新增線新增伺服器新增一個點新增多邊形新增一個值新增內環新增選項給欄位 新增欄位新增欄位新增欄位新增 constraints新增 Event新增幾何體新增索引新增前綴笔墨資料表名稱增加前綴笔墨新增主鍵在下列資料庫新增權限在下列資料表新增權限新增搜尋條件 (“where”指令的主體):新增 slave replication 使用者新增指令:新增資料表的前綴笔墨新增 %s 個索引欄位新增唯一鍵新增使用者新增/刪除欄位新增/刪除標準行正在新增主鍵在檔案頭新增自訂註釋 (\n 爲換行):管理進階伺服器設定,如果您不知道這些是什麼,請不要修改顧問系統受影響的行數:於 %s 之後聚合全部伺服器狀態參數允許搜尋整個資料庫允許在程式偵測到執行時間快到上限時自動中斷匯入。這功能在導入大檔案時是個很好的方法,但是這會破壞 transactions(交易)。允許登錄到恣意 扔掉 MySQL 伺服器允許空密碼登錄允許 root 使用者登錄在匯入時指令若檢測到可能需要花費很長時間則允許中斷。(儘管這會中斷交易,但在匯入大檔案時是個很好的方法。)允許第三方框架允許顯示所有行允許顯示資料庫和資料表的統計資訊 (如:空間使用)允許使用者自訂該值允許新增使用者和權限,而不允許重新載入權限表允許修改或刪除 Procedure允許修改現有資料表的結構允許修改資料允許在達到最大連線數時連線,對於大多數像設定全域變數或中止其它使用者程序這樣的管理操作是必需的允許建立和刪除索引允許建立和刪除 triggers允許建立新資料庫和資料表允許建立新資料表允許建立 views.允許建立 stored routines.允許建立臨時表允許建立、刪除和重命名使用者帳號允許刪除資料允許刪除資料庫和資料表允許刪除資料表允許運行 Procedure允許從檔案中匯入資料以及將資料匯出至檔案允許插入和替換資料允許鎖定目前程序的表允許執行 SHOW CREATE VIEW 查詢允許讀取資料允許重新載入伺服器設定並重新整理伺服器的快取允許關閉伺服器使用者有權詢問附屬者/控制者在哪裏允許爲 Event 設定排程允許查看所有使用者的程序修改欄位更改表的排序,根據儲存設定檔的備用伺服器;留空以使用預先定義的伺服器已將 %s 設爲索引不需要一個和外部鍵關聯一致的行內部關聯分析查詢讀取且分析紀錄檔中. 這可能會花費一些時間。分析用的紀錄檔分析分析表分析中...與規則連線恣意 扔掉恣意 扔掉主機恣意 扔掉使用者外觀設定套用選中的修改增加索引四月四月阿拉伯語您確定要在資料庫 %s 上停用 BLOB 功能?亞美尼亞語定義:遞增於表開頭於表結尾屬性八月八月正在認證...認證要使用的認證方式認證設定認證方式自動增加自動排版,基於自動恢復模式自動在查詢結尾閉合了引號!自動建立版本可用的 MIME 類型可用的轉換平均負載B開始剪切開始原文返回錯誤的參數!錯誤的類型!巴拉克語基本設定因長度問題,
該欄位可能無法編輯開始放大 LONGTEXT 欄位的輸入框二進制二進制 - 無法編輯二進制日誌短語密碼已建立書籤 %s書籤表將此 SQL 查詢加爲書籤SQL 查詢書籤全部瀏覽瀏覽非重複值 (DISTINCT)瀏覽不相關的值瀏覽模式從計算機中上傳:瀏覽器轉換瀏覽快取池快取池操作快取池使用情況快取池大小緩衝記憶體產生查詢保加利亞語負載頁Bytes 已接收Bytes 送出Bzip2編輯 CHAR 類型欄位CHAR 笔墨框列CHAR 笔墨框行複製前建立資料庫 (CREATE DATABASE)CSVMS Excel 的 CSV 格式CSV 使用 LOAD DATA快取Swap快取記憶體無法找到對應的認證指令目標資料表不能爲來源資料表!目標資料表不能爲來源資料表!無法將索引改爲主鍵 (PRIMARY) !取消取消請求無法連線: 設定錯誤.沒有字元集轉換函式庫,無法轉換檔案字元集無法載入或儲存設定無法登錄 MySQL 伺服器移動上傳的暫存檔後,無法讀取該檔案。無法儲存介面偏好「%s」,這個修改在下次將不會生效。請檢查該資料表的架構是否被修改過。無法儲存設定,送出的表單中有錯誤基數中歐修改修改登錄資訊/複製使用者修改密碼點選相應的“選項”連結修改它的設定修改或重新設定主伺服器修改密碼管理我的設定修改追蹤更改笔墨編碼字集和排序規則檔案字集檔案的字集:字集字集圖表圖表的標題檢查全選檢查權限檢查設定檔案權限檢查更新檢查資料庫 「%s」 之權限.檢查引用完整性:檢查表僅選擇多餘檢查點頻率選擇要顯示的欄位選擇您想讓標籤怎樣工作從 "函數" 欄中選擇 "GeomFromText" 並且將底下內容到 "數值" 中清除點選資料指標以瀏覽或修改這筆資料。點擊「重設縮放大小」按鈕可以回到原始的大小。點擊下拉箭頭
切換欄位的可見度點此關閉這個通知點此標記或取消標記點擊選取點此進行排序點此切換關閉關閉排序規則欄位已刪除欄位 %s列資訊表欄位名稱首行資料為欄位名稱欄位名稱: 按欄位指定權限字段「欄位」分隔字元內容分隔符號:跳脫字元使用內容跳脫符號:欄位分隔符號:欄位內容換行使用字元命令註解如果您不需要,請註釋以下兩行註釋壓縮連線壓縮連線到 MySQL 伺服器使用較少的記憶體進行 gzip/bzip2 即時壓縮。如果建立壓縮檔案時發生錯誤,請停用該選項即時壓縮壓縮壓縮:Config 認證部分設定含有錯誤的資料設定檔案設定已儲存進階功能設定: %s設定 phpMyAdmin 進階功能,參見檔案[a@Documentation.html#linked-tables]phpMyAdmin 進階功能[/a]確認刪除 (DROP) 查詢用空密碼連線使用設定檔案中定義的控制使用者連線失敗。連接方式連線連線最後一次連線匯出資料表的 Constraints資料表的 Constraints@TABLE@ 表的內容繼續插入 %s 行換頁時延續資料表標題貢獻管理伺服器控制 slave 伺服器:控制使用者控制使用者的密碼轉換爲假名將一個 IPv4 (互聯網協定第四版) 網址轉換成點分十進制標準格式Cookie 認證必須啟用 Cookies 才能登入。複製複製並貼上結合的數值至 "Length/Values" 欄位複製資料庫到將資料表複製到(資料庫名.資料資料表名稱):複製資料表名稱的前綴笔墨複製資料庫中無法連線到 MySQL 伺服器無法連線到 MySQL 伺服器無法連線到來源資料庫無法連線到目標資料庫無法匯入設定無法初始化 MySQL 連結函式庫無法載入預設設定: %1$s無法載入匯出插件,請檢查安裝!無法載入匯入插件,請檢查您的安裝!無法開啟檔案:%s無法儲存設定無法儲存最新資料表無法儲存資料表「介面偏好」統計資料表顯示資料庫列表時計算資料表的數量建立建立 PHP 程式碼建立具有相同權限的新使用者然後 ...建立新頁匯出至新頁建立一個使用者並授予其訪問上一步操作中建立的資料表的權限在第 %s 個欄位建立索引建立新資料庫建立與使用者同名的資料庫並授予所有權限無建立關聯建立資料表透過 examples/create_tables.sql 建立必需的資料表建立版本爲 %2$s.%3$s 建立版本 %1$s新建視圖建立建立時間建立 PDF建立/更新/檢查日期條件克羅地亞語目前伺服器目前連線目前伺服器目前的設定自訂自訂 - 顯示所有可用的選項自訂 - 顯示所有可用的設定項自訂 - 不顯示 快速/自訂 選擇自訂導覽框架自訂瀏覽模式自訂匯入選項的預設值自訂匯出選項的預設值自定預設選項自訂編輯模式自定輸出選項自訂匯入選項自訂顯示在 SQL 查詢框中的連結自訂主框架自訂導覽框架自訂查詢視窗選項自訂起始頁自定笔墨輸入框西里爾語捷克語捷克斯洛伐克語丹麥語資料資料字典資料差異資料同步資料定義指令資料匯出選項資料檔案增長大小資料檔案資料主資料夾資料日誌閾值資料操作指令僅資料資料指標內容資料指標大小資料庫建立資料庫 %1$s 成功。已將資料庫 %s 複製爲 %s資料庫 %s 已被刪除。資料庫 %s 已變更名稱為 %s資料庫日誌資料庫用戶端版本資料庫註釋: 資料庫匯出選項使用者資料庫資料庫名資料庫名稱樣式資料庫是空的!資料庫伺服器最大程度相容資料庫系統或舊版本的 MySQL 伺服器:樹狀資料庫分隔符號關聯、書籤、PDF 功能所用的資料庫。參見 [a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/pmadb]pmadb [/a]。不使用請留空。預設: [kbd]phpmyadmin[/kbd]資料庫:按資料庫指定權限資料庫資料庫顯示選項資料庫統計日期立即停用停用 %s.%s 的追蹤除錯 SQL十二月十二月預設預設資料庫頁籤預設顯示模式預設格式,此列表根據位置(資料庫或資料表)不同將有所改變,只有 SQL 總是可用的預設語言預設查詢視窗標籤預設伺服器預設伺服器標籤預設排序預設資料表標籤未找到預設主題 %s !默認標題定義登錄 cookie 的有效期 (單位:秒)定義在 cookie 認證方式中是否顯示上次登錄的帳號設定瀏覽器應該儲存登入用的 Cookies 多少秒。若設定爲 0,Cookies 將會被保留至瀏覽器關閉。預設值爲 0。在不安全的環境下建議使用預設值。給新版的自動建立指定一個指令清單。為產生的 CHAR 和 VARCHAR 欄位定義一個最大的輸入字數為產生的 CHAR 和 VARCHAR 欄位定義一個最小的輸入字數定義是否顯示 phpMyAdmin 產生的 SQL 查詢是否在瀏覽資料表時顯示笔墨方向選項定義在編輯/插入模式中是否顯示欄位類型一列是否讓查詢的對話框在送出查詢後繼續保留定義編輯 CHAR 和 VARCHAR 類型欄位時應使用何種控件,[kbd]輸入框 (input)[/kbd] - 可以限制輸入長度,[kbd]笔墨框 (textarea)[/kbd] - 可以輸入多行資料排序規則表碎片刪除延遲插入刪除登出時刪除所有 cookies刪除資料或資料表刪除關聯刪除 %s 資料表中符合的資料?刪除資料表 (DROP)刪除追蹤資料刪除正在刪除 %s刪除追蹤數據中指令定界符遞減說明設計器設計表詳細...開發差異差異直接連線安裝時所用的 [code]config[/code] 資料夾尚未刪除,如果 phpMyAdmin 已經安裝設定好,請立即刪除該資料夾。伺服器上用來存放匯入檔案的資料夾伺服器上用來儲存匯出檔案的資料夾髒頁已關閉 %s關閉外鍵 (Foreign Key) 檢查如果您確定 pma_* 資料表都是最新的,可以停用此項。此功能提供相容性檢查禁止多重資料表維護禁止部分 phpMyAdmin 發出的警告禁止顯示在使用 cookie 認證時缺少 mcrypt 的預設警告禁止在缺少 phpMyAdmin 進階功能所需資料表時在資料庫結構頁中顯示預設警告禁止資料表的維護操作,如:optimize(最佳化)或 repair(修復)。如果想一次性瀏覽所有資料庫,則停用該選項禁止使用 INFORMATION_SCHEMA已關閉禁止編輯 BLOB 和 BINARY 類型欄位顯示顯示功能顯示 MIME 類型以相同寬度顯示所有的表顯示圖表顯示字段表顯示註釋顯示註釋 (包括匯出時間、PHP 版本和伺服器版本等資訊)顯示資料庫的備註而不顯示資料庫名顯示資料庫爲列表以樹形顯示資料庫顯示錯誤顯示外部鍵的關聯資料表顯示 logo顯示順序:顯示關聯大綱在左側框架頂部顯示伺服器選擇顯示伺服器爲列表顯示伺服器選擇顯示資料表備註而不顯示資料資料表名稱在提示視窗顯示資料表備註在編輯/插入模式中顯示函數列顯示欄位註釋將一個 TIME、TIMESTAMP、DATETIME 或數字 UNIX 時間戳欄位格式化顯示爲日期。第一個選項是小時偏移量,該值將加到時間戳中 (預設:0)。第二個選項用於指定時間格式字元串。第三個選項決定顯示本地時間還是 UTC 時間 (填入“local”或“utc”),所以填“local”(參見 PHP 的 strftime() 函數檔案)和“utc”(參見 PHP 的 gmdate() 函數文檔)所到的結果是不一樣的顯示可點選的縮圖。在原比例不變的情況下,可按像素指定最大寬度或高度欄位中顯示一個二進制資料的下載連線。第一個選項是檔案名稱,或使用第二個選項,用資料表中的一個欄位值作爲檔案名稱。如果想使用欄位值作爲檔案名稱,第一個選項必須留空顯示下載此圖片的連結顯示連結,欄位內包含檔案名稱。第一個選項是類似“http://www.example.com/”這樣的 URL 前綴。第二個選項是連結的標題顯示部分字元串。第一個選項定義了笔墨開始輸出的字數 (預設爲 0)。第二個選項是要返回的字數 (預設直到結尾)。第三個選項是當發生截取的時候,將會加在字元串之前/後的輸出 (預設爲:“...”)顯示圖片和連結,欄位內包含檔案名稱。第一個選項是類似“http://www.example.com/”這樣的 URL 前綴。第二和第三個選項是以像素爲單位的寬度和高度顯示十六進制的資料。第一個參數設定需要增加多少個空格 (預設值爲一個字元寬度)顯示欄位的原始內容,不使用 htmlspecialchars() 處理。即假定內容爲合法的 HTML 程式碼使用 %s 切割執行“依例查詢”(萬用字元:“%”)不在發生插入錯誤時中斷保持原密碼不匯入空行不從視窗外覆蓋此查詢不要給零值使用自動新增 (AUTO_INCREMENT)請勿為數值為零的資料加上 AUTO_INCREMENT 屬性您真的要 是否匯入其餘的設定?DocSQL文件關於 PBMS 的檔案和更多資訊請參見 %sPrimeBase Media Streaming 首頁%s關於 PBXT 的檔案和更多資訊請參見 %sPrimeBase XT 首頁%s贊助完成放大一倍 LONGTEXT 欄位的輸入框下載下載檔案您可以拖曳來重新排序刪除刪除資料庫 (DROP)刪除與使用者同名的資料庫刪除欄位刪除 主鍵值/指標 中匯出 TIMESTAMP 欄位時用 UTC 時區 (允許在不同時區的伺服器間匯出和重新載入 TIMESTAMP 欄位)匯出所有行匯出二進制欄位時用十六進制標記 (例如,“abc”將用 0x616263 表示)備份資料已儲存至檔案 %s.匯出部分記錄轉存資料表轉存資料表中的資料結束剪切結束原文ENUM 或 SET 資料過長?ENUM/SET 編輯器ESRI Shape File每一個指標均代表一筆資料。編輯編輯索引編輯權限在新視窗中編輯 SQL 查詢編輯圖表編輯 Event在視窗中編輯編輯模式編輯下一行編輯或匯出關聯大綱編輯伺服器修改 %s 的設定編輯標題與標籤修改/插入有效EB清空使用 PMA 資料時控制使用者的密碼不能爲空使用 PMA 資料庫時控制使用者不能爲空使用 singon 認證方式時登錄網址不能爲空使用 singon 認證方式時 Signon 連線名不能爲空清空資料表 (TRUNCATE)使用 config 認證方式時 config 認證方式的帳號不能爲空已啓用 %s啟用 Ajax啓用 SQL 檢驗器使用 SSL 連線到 MySQL 伺服器啓用統計允許在匯入和匯出時使用 [a@http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bzip2]bzip2 (外鏈,英文)[/a] 壓縮允許在匯入和匯出時使用 [a@http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gzip]gzip [/a] 壓縮允許在匯入和匯出時使用 [a@http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIP_(file_format)]ZIP [/a] 壓縮在設定檔案 (config.inc.php) 中啓用進階功能,參見 config.sample.inc.php 中的範例啓用醒目提示允許使用資料庫保存查詢歷史(需要 phpMyAdmin 進階功能)。如果停用,將使用 Javascript 來保存查詢歷史(關閉瀏覽器後資料消失)。啓用設定中的開發標籤已啓用允許在 phpMyAdmin 首頁面中檢查最新版本開啓這個功能將允許其它域的頁面透過框架調用 phpMyAdmin,這將允許潛在的跨框架腳本攻擊[strong]安全漏洞[/strong]使用封裝輸出方式在資料表名稱及欄位名稱使用反引號(`)給資料表名稱和欄位名稱加上反引號 (保護名稱中含有特殊字元或保留字的欄位和表)編碼轉換:換行符號引擎英語請分別將資料填入以下欄位手動輸入伺服器連線參數錯誤在 %1$s 建立外部鍵時發生錯誤 (檢查資料類型)要求處理得程序中有錯誤ZIP 包中有錯誤:錯誤管理:移動上傳文件時發生錯誤,參見 [a@./Documentation.html#faq1_11@Documentation]FAQ 1.11[/a]讀取資料錯誤:將表 %1$s 改名爲 %2$s 時發生錯誤儲存設計器座標時出錯在產生 PDF 檔案時發生錯誤:移動暫存檔時發生錯誤,請確認 TempDir 資料夾的寫入權限。錯誤:關聯未新增錯誤:關聯已存在世界語愛沙尼亞語Event建立 Event %1$s 成功。Event %1$s 已被修改。Event 名稱Event 排程狀態Event 類型事件Excel 版本Excel 版本例外執行設定檔 %s 是唯獨狀態,請開啟該檔案的讀取權限。(如果您沒有相關權限,請聯絡系統管理員。)現有設定將被覆蓋!SQL說明輸出說明匯出匯出方式:匯出爲 %s匯出內容匯出選項匯出方式匯出 Event %s以協和標準時間 (UTC) 輸出時間匯出至所選頁輸出類型按比例匯出/匯入正在從目前伺服器中匯出資料庫正在匯出資料表“%s”中的記錄正在匯出資料庫“%s”中的資料表額外iconv 的額外參數外部鍵已新增外部鍵關聯已失敗使用匯入的設定檔讀取圖表時發生錯誤,改用預設的設定檔...無法根據 %s 規則生成字串,PHP 回傳以下錯誤:%s讀取設定檔時發生錯誤。設定檔看起來不是合法的 JSON 格式。在清空資料表「介面偏好」時發生錯誤。(詳見 $cfg['Servers'][$i]['MaxTableUiprefs'] %s)連線到 SQL 檢驗器失敗!文件表頭資訊取得失敗開啟遠端 URL 失敗無法讀取設定檔無法使用 Blowfish 密文進行加密!(參考資料)將檔案寫入硬碟時發生錯誤。功能二月二月檔案 %s 已存在, 請更改檔案名稱或選擇「覆寫己存在檔案」選項.檔案 %s 未包含任何密鑰檔案無法讀取檔案不存在檔案可能已壓縮 (%s) 或未壓縮。檔案名稱模板:要匯入的檔案:因附加元件而停止檔案上傳。此伺服器禁止了檔案上傳。檔案上傳失敗。檔案過濾使用笔墨或 REGEXP 進行篩選:搜尋:最前頁強制更新 (關閉) 所有表強制更新查詢快取革新 衰老表 (FLUSH)以下的這些設定將會被套用在所有的地方直到系統重新啟動:字體大小要取得可用轉換選項的列表及對應的 MIME 類型轉換,請點選%s轉換說明%s對於預設值,請只輸入單個值,不要加反斜槓或引號,請用此格式:a要取得更多關於此伺服器的複製狀態,請查看複製狀態資訊強制 SSL 連線強制使用安全連線訪問 phpMyAdmin外部鍵約束外部鍵下拉選單順序外部鍵限制格式匯入檔案的格式格式特定選項:格式特定選項:格式:將笔墨以 SQL 語法醒目提示顯示五可使用的暫存區空閒記憶體空閒頁週五星期五從從普通的查詢記錄檔從較慢的查詢紀錄檔全部啓動全部停止完整內容全文搜尋函數匯出資料時所使用的函數:函數嘗試覆寫 GLOBALS (全域變數)GZipGZip 輸出快取垃圾閾值垃圾閾值收集錯誤一般一般設定一般關聯功能產生產生密碼產生密碼產生者產生日期幾何體喬治亞語德語取得更多編輯空間取得更多主題!獲取支持GB允許訪問完整的資料庫列表全域權限全域值執行返回上一頁返回到本頁前往資料庫:%s前往這個超連結前往資料表:%s前往 VIEW:%s從伺服器取得版本錯誤授權授予資料庫“%s”的所有權限給以 帳號_ 開頭的資料庫 (username\_%) 授予所有權限希臘語忽略 where 的條件並進行群組的查詢使用 HTTP 基本認證時顯示給使用者的提示資訊HTTP 提示資訊HTTP 認證處理器硬件認證失敗在此版本的 MySQL 中無效每 %s 列顯示欄位標題希伯來語高幫助隱藏隱藏瀏覽器轉換隱藏資料庫該正則表達式 (PCRE,Perl 相容) 所符合的資料庫將被隱藏隱藏索引隱藏查詢框隱藏搜尋條件隱藏搜尋結果隱藏/顯示沒有關聯的表全部隱藏/顯示醒目提示指標醒目提示鼠標指標所在的行醒目提示選中的行醒目提示顯示鼠標所在位置的伺服器首頁主機主機認證模式主機認證規則MySQL 伺服器的主機名時將滑鼠指到指標上可以顯示其標籤。記錄查詢歷史的數量一次可以插入的行數mysqld 已建立的臨時檔案的數量怎樣連線到伺服器,如果不確定,請選擇 [kbd]tcp[/kbd]如何使用在最後一次執行匯入時沒有資料被解析,建議您增加 PHP 運行時間限制,否則 phpMyAdmin 將無法完成匯入操作。匈牙利語ID冰島語錯誤圖示導覽列使用圖示資料表操作顯示如果設爲 TRUE,在登出時將會自動刪除所有伺服器的 Cookies。如果設爲 FALSE,在您登錄多臺伺服器的時候,很可能會使您忘記登出。如欄位類型是“enum”或“set”,請使用以下格式輸入:'a','b','c'...
如果需要輸入反斜槓(“\”)或單引號(“'”),請在前面加上反斜槓(如 '\\xyz' 或 'a\'b')如果啓用,使用者可以在 cookie 認證方式中輸入恣意 扔掉 MySQL 伺服器如果開啟此選項,在執行多指令查詢的時候,即使有一條或多條指令發生錯誤,phpMyAdmin 也會繼續執行其他的指令若檔案每行的資料和資料庫中的順序不一致,請在此列出對應的欄位名稱。欄位名稱間用半角逗號分隔且不能用引號括起如果用於建立 MyISAM 快速索引的臨時檔案大於在此指定的鍵快取,則建議使用鍵快取。如果該值大於 1,在進行排序過程的修復操作時 MyISAM 表的索引將會同時 (每個索引都有自己的程序) 建立。如果啓用了提示功能且設定了資料庫備註,這裏將簡略顯示資料庫備註和資料庫名如果使用 cookie 認證且%s登錄 cookie 儲存時間%s不爲 0,%s登錄 cookie 有效期%s的值不能超過前者如果有必要,您可以使用額外的保護設定 - %s主機認證%s和%s可信代理表%s。但如果您和許多人共用一個 IP 網址,該措施的安全性將下降如果您有自己的帳號,請在這裏輸入 (預設爲 [kbd]anonymous (匿名)[/kbd])若要使用 SQL 檢驗服務,請注意[strong]所有 SQL 指令將出於統計目的而被匿名儲存[/strong]。[br][em][a@http://sqlvalidator.mimer.com/]Mimer SQL 檢驗器[/a],版權所有 2002 Upright Database Technology. 保留所有權利。[/em]如果您的伺服器已經設定好支援 HTTPS,請[a@%s]點選這裏[/a]使用安全連線忽略忽略所有資料庫;備援(Replicate):忽略錯誤忽略多個指令錯誤輸入匯入 / 匯出匯入貨幣 ($5.00 將被匯入爲 5.00)匯入貨幣 (如: $5.00 將被匯入爲 5.00)匯入選項匯入檔案從瀏覽器儲存中匯入從檔案匯入從所選頁匯入匯入成功, 共 %d 個語法被執行.無法匯入狀態監視器的設定匯入百分數爲小數 (12.00% 將被匯入爲 .12)匯入百分數爲小數 (如: 12.00% 將被匯入爲 .12)爲 PDF 大綱匯入/匯出座標匯入到目前伺服器匯入到資料庫“%s”匯入到資料表“%s”提高重新整理效率包含資料庫建立、最後更新和最後檢查的時間包含表的標題除了授權 (GRANT) 以外的所有權限%s 是一個錯誤的 IP 網址輸入的值不正確索引已刪除索引 %s索引快取大小索引名稱:索引類型:索引資訊滑塊原始狀態在本頁面編輯此查詢行間內環InnoDB 狀態輸入作爲代理的 [kbd]IP:可信 HTTP 頭[/kbd]。下面的例子指定了 phpMyAdmin 應該信任從代理[br][kbd] HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR[/kbd] 發來的 HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR 頭插入非安全連線插入插入資料表插入新資料以新行插入以新行插入 (忽略錯誤)增加行插入的行 id: %1$d於以下欄位:在這些資料表內:代替 INSERT (插入) 指令,使用:沒有足夠的空間儲存檔案 %s.行內已新增行內部關聯行內無效的識別符號設定檔案中設定的認證方式無效:無效欄位 (%s)!請檢查欄位名稱是否拼寫正確,使用半角逗號分隔,並且不要用引號括起CSV 輸入的第 %d 行欄位數有錯無效的資料庫無效的輸出類型CSV 輸入的第 %d 行格式有錯伺服器 %1$s 主機名稱錯誤, 請檢查設定檔案.匯入 CSV 檔案 %s 時有無效參數無效的伺服器索引: %s無效的資料資料表名稱問題一月一月日語您的瀏覽器不支援或停用了 Javascript,部分 phpMyAdmin 功能將不可用。如導覽框架將不能自動重新整理多表查詢七月七月跳轉至紀錄檔的資料表轉到資料庫跳轉到資料庫「%s」。六月六月校正鍵快取短語密碼太短,至少應有 8 個字元短語密碼應包含字母、數字[em]和[/em]特殊字元鍵名KB最後一次接收的資料量(單位為KiB,即2^10)最後一次傳送的資料量(單位為KiB,即2^10)中止朝鮮語僅 LINUX:調用外部程序並透過標準輸入傳入欄位資料。返回此套用程序的標準輸出預設爲 Tidy,可以很好的列印 HTML 程式碼。爲了安全起見,您需要手動編輯 libraries/transformations/text_plain__external.inc.php 檔案來加入可以運行的工具。第一個選項是您想要使用的程序編號,第二個選項是程序的參數。第三個參數如果設爲 1 的話將會用 htmlspecialchars() 處理輸出 (預設爲 1)。第四個參數如果設爲 1 的話,將禁止換行,確保所有內容顯示在一行中 (預設爲 1)LaTeX標籤關鍵標籤橫向語系最後檢查最末頁最後更新最新版本鎖定頁拉脫維亞語預設請留空如果不想要自動使用最近的資料表,本欄為請留空。建議設定:[kbd]pma_recent[/kbd]如果不想要自動使用上一次資料表的「介面偏好」,本欄為請留空。建議設定:[kbd]pma_table_uiprefs[/kbd]不使用設計功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_designer_coords[/kbd]不使用 PDF 大綱功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_pdf_pages[/kbd]不使用 PDF 大綱功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_table_coords[/kbd]不使用 SQL 查詢歷史功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_history[/kbd]不使用 SQL 查詢追蹤功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_tracking[/kbd]不使用[a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/bookmark]書籤 [/a]功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_bookmark[/kbd]不使用[a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/relation]關聯連結 [/a]功能請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_relation[/kbd]留空則不使用列資訊和MIME類型。預設值:[kbd]pma_column_info[/kbd]不使用請留空如果不使用 config 認證方式,請留空左長度/值讓所有使用者均可訪問此書籤簡化標籤限制欄位字元數資料表的偏好設定是有限的,比較舊的資料會被自動取代限制使用者每小時可執行的修改任何資料表或資料庫的命令數限制使用者每小時開啟的新連線數限制使用者每小時可發送到伺服器的查詢數限制該使用者的同時連線數資料分行使用字元換行符號:一維折線找不到連結連結到更新列表可信代理IP列表立陶宛語即時連線圖表即時查詢圖表即時流量圖表加載載入中載入紀錄檔中本地本地的狀態監測器設定檔不相容紀錄檔已經被分析了,但是在這個時間區段內沒有任何資料。日誌快取大小日誌快取大小紀錄檔已被讀取,時間區間:日志檔案總數日志檔案閾值登錄日志檔案名稱登出紀錄檔篩選登錄資訊登錄 cookie 儲存phpMyAdmin 中所設定的登錄 cookie 儲存小於 cookie 有效期,因此您的登錄過期時間將會比您在 phpMyAdmin 中設定的時間要更短。登錄 cookie 有效期空密碼登錄被禁止 (參見 允許空密碼)Logo 連結網址Logo 連結目標登出網址MIME 類型表MIME 類型以斜體顯示的 MIME 類型沒有單獨的轉換函數主框架請確保在您的設定檔案 (my.cnf) 中具有唯一的伺服器標識 (server-id) 。若沒有,請新增此行到 [mysqld] 一節中:管理我的設定三月三月將已鎖定的資料表在資料庫中顯示爲使用中主伺服器設定主複製主伺服器狀態最大保持連線最大限制:%s %s建立查詢指令最大長度資料表偏好設定的儲存最大值最大資料庫數量顯示 SQL 指令的最大長度最長執行時間瀏覽非數字欄位時所顯示的最大字元數顯示 SQL 指令時可以使用的最多字元數在左欄和資料庫列資料表中最多顯示的資料庫個數最多顯示幾個最近使用的資料表;0 代表不顯示顯示的最多行數在資料表列資料表中最多顯示的資料表個數最大的輸入字數建立索引的臨時檔案最大大小臨時排序檔案的最大大小資料表樹最大深度最大資料表數量五月可能接近。參見 [a@./Documentation.html#faq3_11@Documentation]FAQ 3.11[/a]MediaWiki 表內存限制與目前設定合併後設資料頭MB微軟 Office微軟 Word 2000顯示過濾框的最少資料表數量最少的輸入字數分找不到暫存資料夾。在 %s 中丟失資料缺少必要的參數:丟失 phpMyAdmin 進階功能資料表表單內缺少某些值!一座標軸模式已儲存修改修改週一星期一監測器狀態監測器無法進行重新整理更多參見 [a@http://sf.net/support/tracker.php?aid=1849494]PMA 缺陷 (bug) 跟蹤係統 [/a] 和 [a@http://bugs.mysql.com/19588]MySQL 缺陷 (Bugs) (外鏈,英文)[/a]更多設定移動選單將資料表移動到(資料庫名.資料資料表名稱):MySQL 4.0 相容MySQL Spatial 附加元件不支援「%s」ESRI 類型。MySQL 返回的查詢結果爲空 (即零行)MySQL 返回: 名字自然排序導覽框架replication slaves所需URL 協定和 CURL 都不可用,無法檢查新版本新名稱新頁面名: 建立伺服器下個月下一頁否無密碼無權限登錄超時 (%s 秒未操作),請重新登錄未設定 BLOB 串流伺服器!無更改無資料沒有找到 GIS 虛擬所需資料。沒有接收到要匯入的資料。可能是檔案名稱沒有送出,也可能是檔案大小超出 PHP 限制。參考 [a@./Documentation.html#faq1_16@Documentation]FAQ 1.16[/a]。無資料庫沒有資料庫被選取。此轉換沒有說明。
詳細功能請詢問 %s 的作者在資料庫「%2$s」中找不到名為「%1$s」的 EventZIP 包中未找到檔案!沒有已定義的索引!沒有定義的索引部分!沒有更新的可用版本沒有可用的預覽。無權限沒有選中任何行沒有在資料庫中找到表資料庫中沒有資料。未找到使用者沒有選擇要刪除的使用者!沒有可用的密鑰插入找不到佈景主題 %s 指定圖片路徑!無無無無寫入 InnoDB 快取池通常在後臺進行,但有必要在沒有乾淨頁的時候讀取或建立頁,有必要先等待頁被重新整理。該計數器統計了這種等待的數量。如果快取池大小設定正確,這個值應該會很小輸入值不是非負數輸入值不是正數錯誤的連結埠未複製注意:在此啓用資料庫統計可能導致網站伺服器和 MySQL 伺服器之間的流量驟增備註:若檔案中包含多個資料表,它們會被結合成同一個資料表。注意:MySQL 權限名稱會以英文顯示注意:若將這些選項設爲 0(零) 即不限制注意:phpMyAdmin 直接由 MySQL 權限表取得使用者權限。如果使用者手動更改表,表內容將可能與伺服器使用的使用者權限有異。在這種情況下,您應在繼續前%s重新載入權限%s十一月十一月現在,將下列行新增到您的 my.cnf 檔案最後,然後重新啓動 MySQL 伺服器全部皆否空欄位數CHAR/VARCHAR 笔墨框的列數插入的行數略過指定行數的資料顯示數量瀏覽一個查詢結果時一次顯示的最多行數。如果結果超過此值,將會顯示「上一頁」和「下一頁」的連結。CHAR/VARCHAR 笔墨框的行數每頁行數從首行起要跳過的行數:記錄數:資料表數量確定物件建立選項物件建立選項 (推薦全選)十月十月官方首頁在高負載的伺服器上,字元計數器可能會溢出,因此由 MySQL 返回的統計值可能會不正確當 MySQL 伺服器重新啓動後,請點選 執行 按鈕。您應該看見一條提示資訊說此伺服器已經被設定爲主伺服器只使用輕量級版本,以樹形顯示資料庫 (以下面的樹形分隔符號來顯示)僅顯示鍵僅透過 --report-host=主機名 參數啓動的從伺服器可見開啓開啟檔案OpenOffice 表格OpenOffice 檔案開啟新 phpMyAdmin 視窗在主視窗 ([kbd]main[/kbd]) 或新視窗 ([kbd]new[/kbd]) 開啟目標頁面操作運算符最佳化最佳化表選項或方向原始位置其他其他核心設定外環輸出輸出:多餘概要覆蓋已有檔案分區定義PBMS 連線失敗PBMS 錯誤PBMS 判斷 BLOB 內容類型失敗PBMS 取得 BLOB 資訊失敗:PDFPDF 大綱: 資料表頁PDF 大綱: 資料表同時PHP 版本PHP 陣列PHP 外掛要使用的 PHP 外掛緊湊頁面頁面建立失敗已建立頁面頁面名稱頁碼:頁面標題非空頁要重新整理的頁紙張大小部分匯入:部分匯入:允許中斷部分匯入:跳過查詢部分內容分區 %s分區維護密碼密碼加密方式config 認證方式的密碼密碼:暫停監控目前掛起的日誌寫入數持續查詢歷史波斯語持續連線使用最近的資料表一律使用資料表的「介面偏好」PB播放音效請至少增加一個變數正在上傳,沒有詳細資訊,請稍候。請檢查資料庫所在的資料夾權限。請選擇需要編輯的頁請設定表 %s 的座標請在 phpMyAdmin 的根資料夾下建立 [a@Documentation.html#setup_script]檔案[/a]中所述的網站伺服器可以寫入的 [em]config[/em] 資料夾。否則您只能下載或顯示配置請使用此格式輸入轉換選項的值:'a',100,b,'c'...
如果您需要在值中輸入反斜槓 (“\”)或單引號(“'”),請在前面加上反斜槓 (如 '\\xyz' 或 'a\'b')注意:該選項不影響 [kbd]config[/kbd] 認證方式,因爲密碼是儲存在設定檔案中,該選項也不限制直接執行可實現相同功能的命令注意:phpMyAdmin 只是一個使用者接口,其功能不會對 MySQL 有限制請參見檔案中關於如何更新您的 column_comments 表請選擇資料庫請選擇資料庫:請選擇您想要匯入的檔案請選擇主鍵或唯一鍵附加元件點點 %d波蘭語多邊形連接埠MySQL 伺服器監聽的連接埠,留空爲預設縱向位置可能的執行效率問題按下 ESC 取消編輯上一個匯入操作超時,隨後重新送出將會從 %d 處開始。上個月上一頁主鍵PrimeBase XT 首頁列印列印預覽列印預覽 (全文顯示)權限資料表 `%s` 的索引存在問題Procedure處理要求處理中概要分析結果規劃表結構保護二進制欄位協定版本首行儲存欄位名稱查詢查詢快取查詢快取的效率查詢快取的使用量查詢已使用的快取查詢耗時查詢歷史個數查詢結果查詢結果選項查詢統計查詢花費 %01.4f 秒查詢視窗查詢窗口高度查詢視窗高度 (單位:像素)查詢窗口寬度查詢窗口寬度 (單位:像素)QuestionsQuestions (在伺服器已經執行的敘述)練線問題:Questions快速快速 - 顯示最少的選項快速 - 僅顯示必須的設定項快速設定進階功能:表的關聯請重新登錄 phpMyAdmin 以載入新設定並使其生效重新輸入讀缺失數讀缺失率讀請求讀取版本資訊失敗。您可能尚未接入網絡或更新伺服器未響應重建顯示上次登錄的帳號已接收最新資料表最近使用的資料表最近使用的資料表記錄引擎推薦記錄快取大小重繪重新整理相關連結已刪除關聯關聯運算符關係表關聯查看關聯顯示字段關聯鍵關聯大綱關聯重新載入重新載入資料庫重新整理導覽框架重新載入重新載入權限重新載入權限記錄樣板檔案名稱紀錄資料表的排序偏好遠程伺服器因為安全因素,請在使用 phpMyAdmin 之前先將安裝資料夾下的 config 移除。(這個資料夾是於安裝時使用,正常使用時不需要此資料夾)刪除 BLOB 容器功能刪除欄位中的回車換行符號刪除欄位中的回車換行符號刪除圖表刪除欄位刪除資料庫刪除索引刪除分區刪除選中的使用者正在刪除選中的使用者將資料庫改名為將表改名爲改名爲將 view改名爲更改資料庫名稱中修復修復表修復程序重複表頭每 X 單元格重複表頭,要禁止此功能請設爲 [kbd]0[/kbd]將 NULL 替換爲將 NULL 替換爲:替換現有的同名書籤將表的資料用此檔案替換覆蓋資料表名稱的前綴笔墨複製所有資料庫,除了:已複製複製複製狀態報告標題:庫閾值需要啓用 SQL 檢驗器重置重置從伺服器重設縮放大小資源限制還原欄位的順序還原預設值恢復監控保留查詢框返回類型移除移除使用者所有權限,然後刪除使用者右羅馬尼亞語一般行統計行檔案增長大小行長度行標記行大小起始行數:行數記錄:詳細的規則在資料庫 %s 運行 SQL 查詢在伺服器 %s 運行 SQL 查詢運行資訊俄語大綱錯誤: 顯示資料庫(SHOW DATABASES)命令未安裝 SOAP 元件SQLSQL 語法輸入框SQL 檢驗器SQL 檢驗器已停用取得所有可用資料庫的 SQL 指令SQL 相容模式SQL 相容模式:SQL 匯出SQL 匯出 (檔案下載)執行 SQL 指令SQL 歷史SQL 查詢SQL 語法設定SQL 查詢SQL 查詢歷史表在資料庫 %s 執行 SQL 指令:SQL 查詢追蹤表SQL 查詢結果SQL 指令已執行SQL 指令已匯出。請複製儲存或運行它SRID六週六星期六儲存一次儲存所有修改過的資料格另存檔案保存文件夾儲存儲存在伺服器上儲存到伺服器上的 %s 資料夾中儲存爲檔案儲存位置儲存到瀏覽器儲存儲存於:@DATE@資料庫 %s 的大綱 - 第 %s 頁指令已逾時, 如果想完成匯入, 請重新送出相同檔案, 送出後匯入動作會繼續執行.請下拉至所選格式並設定選項,其它格式請忽略。搜尋在資料庫中搜尋“%s”的搜尋結果 %s:搜索中秒在 [kbd]cookie[/kbd] 認證方式下用於加密 cookies 的短語密碼安全參見[a@http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/auth_types#signon]認證方式 [/a]中的例子查看從伺服器狀態全選選擇匯出關聯類型選擇外部鍵選擇表選擇要查看的二進制日誌選擇欄位 (至少一個):選擇 Web 伺服器上傳目錄 %s:選擇頁選擇外部鍵選擇兩個欄位選擇兩個不同的欄位選擇進行字集轉換時使用的函數請選擇的匯出的檔案格式!選中的資料表已根據來源資料表同步已發送九月九月系列伺服器選擇伺服器伺服器ID伺服器字元集伺服器設定伺服器主機名伺服器已被設定爲一個複製程序中的從伺服器。您是否要:伺服器名稱樣式伺服器端口伺服器上運行了 Suhosin。請先查看%s檔案%s中是否有類似的情況。伺服器套接字 (socket)伺服器流量(單位為KiB,即2^10)伺服器變數和設定伺服器版本伺服器:伺服器伺服器顯示選項連線值設定匯入和匯出資料夾以及壓縮選項將 log_output 設定至 %s將 long_query_time 設定為 %d 秒設定某些常用選項設定指令最大運行時間 (單位:秒,[kbd]0[/kbd] 爲不限制)設定值: %s設定phpMyAdmin 開發設定其他設定設定將從瀏覽器的本地儲存中匯入設定將儲存到瀏覽器的本地儲存五月週日顯示顯示自 %2$s 起至 %3$s 使用者 %4$s 執行的 %1$s %5$s顯示 "刪除資料庫" 連結給普通使用者顯示 BLOB 內容顯示完整查詢顯示 PHP 資訊顯示 SQL 查詢在進行多個指令查詢時,顯示每個指令所影響的行數。預設一次查詢可以包含的查詢語句數可以在 libraries/import.lib.php 中找到全部顯示顯示二進制內容以十六進制顯示二進制內容預設以十六進制顯示二進制內容顯示顏色查看已連線的從伺服器顯示建立資料庫表單直接顯示資料庫列表而不使用下拉選單顯示 MySQL 伺服器詳細資訊顯示資料表格大小笔墨方向顯示字段類型顯示資料表單顯示函數列顯示網格顯示幫助按鈕顯示幫助按鈕代替檔案笔墨顯示隱藏資訊 (#MSG_COUNT)顯示小技巧在警告、錯誤和資訊上顯示圖示顯示索引顯示插入指令在左側框架中顯示 logo查看主伺服器狀態顯示更多操作僅顯示列出的資料庫顯示開啟的表顯示修改密碼顯示 phpinfo() 連結顯示查詢框顯示搜尋條件顯示搜尋結果直接顯示伺服器列表而不使用下拉選單顯示從伺服器顯示從伺服器狀態顯示統計在此再次顯示此查詢查看版本顯示/隱藏左側選單顯示 SQL 查詢顯示爲 PHP 程式碼顯示書籤顯示行顯示 [a@http://php.net/manual/function.phpinfo.php]phpinfo()[/a] 輸出的連結登錄網址Signon 認證Signon 連線名簡體中文因為有一些被群組的插入查詢被選擇了,這些查詢的「目的地資料表」也將不管這些「即將被插入的資料」而被合併。大小略過SQL說明略過檢驗 SQL忽略目前錯誤跳過鎖定的表忽略下忽略錯誤可能導致主從伺服器間不同步!從 IO 程序未啓動!從 SQL 程序未啓動!從伺服器設定從複製從伺服器狀態斯洛伐克語斯洛文尼亞語全部收縮/展開對齊網格連線埠MySQL 伺服器監聽的連線埠,留空爲預設軟體軟體版本抱歉,系統回復被刪除的 Event 時失敗。排序排序快取大小主鍵排序外部鍵下拉選單中選項的排序順序,[kbd]content[/kbd] 爲關聯內容,[kbd]id[/kbd] 爲鍵值排序來源資料庫已用空間西班牙語設定瀏覽器標題欄所顯示的笔墨。參見[a@Documentation.html#cfg_TitleTable]文件[/a]中關於可以取得特殊值的特殊笔墨。堆疊替換 view以便查看僅啓動 IO 程序僅啓動 SQL 程序開始的資料列起始頁說明要追蹤的命令靜態資料狀態僅停止 IO 程序僅停止 SQL 程序儲存引擎儲存引擎將資料庫分爲不同樹的分隔字元串將表分爲不同樹的分隔符號結構結構差異結構同步結構和資料view結構%s 的結構@TABLE@ 表的結構僅結構結構快照日送出送出查詢送出的表單中有錯誤如果可能,在 "建立資料庫" 表單中建議一個名字,或留空建議新資料庫名Suhosin 警告總計群組的行數總計:週日星期日SweKey 設定檔案瑞典語切換至 %svisual builder%s切換到複製的資料庫切換到複製的資料表同步同步資料庫根據主伺服器同步資料庫在插入資料時使用的語法插入資料時所使用的語法:系統CPU使用率系統記憶體系統暫存區開啟一個新查詢視窗時預設顯示的頁面在進入資料庫標籤時預設顯示的頁面在進入伺服器標籤時預設顯示的頁面在進入資料表標籤時預設顯示的頁面表已成功修改表 %1$s建立資料表 %1$s 成功資料表 %s 已存在!已將資料表 %s 複製爲 %s已刪除表 %s已清空表 %s已強制更新表 %s已將資料表 %s 移動到 %s已將資料表 %s 改名爲 %s資料表搜尋表的標題表的副標題表註釋表維護資料表最少需要有一個欄位資料資料表名稱資料表名稱樣式目錄表選項資料表是空的!表的結構描述顯示欄位的表,不使用請留空,預設:[kbd]pma_table_info[/kbd]樹形表分隔符號資料表:按表指定權限資料表資料表顯示選項頁籤目標資料庫已根據來源資料庫同步目標資料庫目標資料庫將完全根據來源資料庫同步。來源資料庫將保持不變快速訪問圖示的目標臨時 Blob 超時臨時日誌閾值臨時資料測試笔墨欄位文本框列笔墨框行編輯模式的笔墨框大小 (列數),此值將用於 SQL 查詢笔墨框 (*2) 和查詢視窗 (*1.25)編輯模式的笔墨框大小 (行數),此值將用於 SQL 查詢笔墨框 (*2) 和查詢視窗 (*1.25)Texy! 笔墨四泰語缺少 %s 外掛。請檢查 PHP 設定。找不到檔案 %s,詳情請參考 www.phpmyadmin.net。%s 功能受到一個已知的缺陷 (bug) 影響,參見 %s資料表 %s 不存在!必須在您的設定檔案中設定 $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] !如果知道一個資料表的名字,MySQL 伺服器可以詢問 NDB 集羣儲存引擎,這被稱爲“發現”Handler_discovery 表明瞭一個資料表被發現的次數PrimeBase Media Streaming (PBMS) 首頁Barry 的 PrimeBase 開發博客 —— Barry Leslie 著PrimeBase XT 博客 —— Paul McCullagh 著SQL 檢驗程序無法原始化。請檢查是否已經安裝了%s檔案%s內說明的必需 PHP 外掛該 XML 檔案有錯誤或者不完整。請修復錯誤後重試讀取的總資料量 (單位:字元)寫入的總資料量 (單位:字元)在檢查點前最大可以寫入交易日誌的最大資料大小。預設值爲 24MB查詢快取中空閒的記憶體總數用於快取交易日誌的記憶體快取區大小。預設值爲 16MB等待取得行鎖的平均時間 (單位:毫秒)備份用的查詢是:書籤已被刪除.在修復表 (REPAIR TABLE) 的過程中進行排序 MyISAM 的索引或透過建立索引 (CREATE INDEX) 和修改表 (ALTER TABLE) 建立索引時所要分配的快取大小。在你的瀏覽器內的圖表版面設定對於新的狀態監測器來說已經太舊了。 請在「設定」選單重新設定以避免發生不可預期的錯誤。所有 InnoDB 資料檔案的公共路徑.編譯的 InnoDB 頁大小 (預設 16KB)。許多值都以頁爲單位進行統計,頁大小可以很方便地將這些值轉化爲字元數設定檔案現在需要一個短語密碼。目前掛起 fsync() 操作的數量目前掛起的讀操作數目前掛起的寫操作數目前頁所引用的表不存在了。您是否想要刪除這些引用?資料庫名不能爲空!預設資料指標的大小 (單位:字元),用於在沒有指定 MAX_ROWS 選項的情況下建立 MyISAM 資料表。被儲存的函式定義當中必須要有 RETURN 敘述!設定之上傳目錄錯誤,無法使用上傳的檔案可能超過了最大大小,也可能是一個基於 webkit 瀏覽器 (Safari, Google Chrome, Arora 等) 的已知缺陷 (bug).檔案正在處理中,請稍候。檔案首行包含資料表的欄位名稱 (若未選此項,首行將被認爲是資料)執行以下的查詢時發生錯誤:「%s」下列結構被建立或修改。您可以:處理器資料檔案 (*.xtd) 增長大小行指標檔案 (*.xtr) 增長大小主機名不能爲空!匯入的檔案中沒有包含任何資料資料表空間不足時自動增加的大小。索引 %1$s 和 %2$s 可能是相同的,其中一個將可能被刪除。一個 BLOB 庫檔案的最大大小。可以使用 Kb、MB 或 GB 來表示單位。不指定則使用默認單位:字元資料日志檔案的最大大小。預設值爲 64MB。PBXT 最多可以建立 32000 個資料日誌,可用於所有的表。增加該值可以增加資料庫所能儲存資料的大小一個臨時 BLOB 日志檔案的最大大小。可以使用 Kb、MB 或 GB 作爲單位。若不寫單位,預設爲字元重建 MyISAM 索引時 MySQL 最多可以使用的臨時檔案大小 (在 REPAIR TABLE、ALTER TABLE 或 LOAD DATA INFILE 時)。等待取得行鎖的最大時間 (單位:毫秒)沒有找到 PHP 外掛 mbstring,而您現在好像在使用多字元字集。沒有 mbstring 的話, phpMyAdmin 將不能正確分割字元串,且可能產生意想不到的結果。該模式用於自動恢復崩潰的 MyISAM 表,可在啓動時使用 --myisam-recover 參數。主鍵的名稱必須稱爲 “PRIMARY”!InnoDB 原始化的“隨機”預讀數。這通常會在對一個資料表進行大範圍的隨機排序查詢時發生正在使用的延遲插入處理程序的數量。每張使用延遲插入的表都有自己的程序延遲插入已寫入的行數請求更新的快取池頁數一個指令可分配到的記憶體大小,例 [kbd]32MB[/kbd] ([kbd]0[/kbd]爲不限制)寫入日志檔案的字元數快取命中數目前開啟的連線數已經執行的雙寫入次數已執行的強制更新 (FLUSH) 指令數開啟的檔案個數空閒頁數fsync() 總操作的次數使用 fsync() 寫入日志檔案的次數伺服器執行指令時自動在記憶體中建立的臨時表的數量已執行的內部送出 (COMMIT) 指令數內部回滾 (ROLLBACK) 指令數在第一個資料表上進行了完整表掃描的多表查詢數沒有使用索引的多表查詢數。如果該值不爲0,您應該仔細檢查是否已經爲表建立了適當的索引使用在關聯表上使用範圍搜尋的多表查詢的數量在第一個資料表上使用範圍查詢的多表查詢數。(即使該值很大,通常也不會有致命的影響。)沒有使用索引但在每行之後檢查索引使用的多表查詢數。(如果該值不爲 0,您應該仔細檢查是否已經爲表建立了適當的索引。)鍵快取中還沒有被寫入到硬碟的鍵塊數。該值過去名爲 Not_flushed_key_blocksInnoDB 快取池中鎖定頁的數量。這些頁是正在被讀取或寫入的,或者是因其他原因不能被重新整理或刪除的日誌寫入請求數InnoDB 完成的邏輯讀請求數InnoDB 進行邏輯讀取時無法從快取池中取得而執行單頁讀取的次數排序算法使用歸併的次數。如果該值很大,您應該考慮增加系統變數 sort_buffer_size 的值未快取的查詢數 (包括不能被快取,或因爲 query_cache_type 的設定而沒有被快取的查詢)負載頁的數量,像鎖定行或適應性的散列索引這樣的管理操作時分配的頁。該值可用此公式計算: Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_total - Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_free - Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_data非空頁數 (含髒頁)建立的頁數目前髒頁數讀取的頁數以雙寫入操作寫入的頁數寫入的頁數目前掛起的 fsync 日志檔案數從硬碟中物理讀取鍵塊的次數。如果 Key_reads 很大,則說明您的 key_buffer_size 可能設定得太小了。快取缺失率可以由 Key_reads/Key_read_requests 計算得出將鍵塊物理寫入到硬碟的次數日誌物理寫入次數加入到快取的查詢數在快取中註冊的查詢數爲快取新的查詢而被刪除的已快取查詢的個數,由最近最少使用算法 (LRU) 確定應刪除哪個已快取的查詢。該資訊可幫助您調整查詢快取大小使用了比 long_query_time 更多時間的查詢數資料表中插入行的請求數從快取中讀取鍵塊的請求次數根據固定位置讀取行的請求數。如果您執行很多需要排序的查詢,該值會很高。您可能有很多需要完整表掃描的查詢,或者您使用了不正確的索引用來多表查詢根據索引讀取行的請求數。如果該值很大,說明您的查詢和表都建立了很好的索引根據索引順序讀取下一行的請求數。如果您在查詢一個已索引的欄位且限制了範圍,或進行完整表掃描,該值將會不斷增長從資料檔案中讀取行的請求數。如果您在掃描很多表,該值會很大。通常情況下這意味着您的表沒有做好索引,或者您的查詢指令沒有使用好索引欄位根據索引順序讀取上一行的請求數。這種讀取方式通常用於最佳化帶有 ORDER BY ... DESC 的查詢資料表中更新行的請求數將一個鍵塊寫入快取的請求數正在等待行鎖的數量從 InnoDB 資料表中刪除的行數插入到 InnoDB 資料表中的行數從 InnoDB 資料表中讀取的行數InnoDB 中更新的行數等待寫入延遲插入隊列的行數發生錯誤的延遲插入 (INSERT DELAYED) 行數 (可能是因爲在唯一欄位中存在重複值)InnoDB 原始化的順序預讀數。這會在 InnoDB 執行一個順序完整表掃描時發生排序的行數掃描表完成的排序次數局部範圍完成的排序次數開啟的流個數 (主要用於日誌記錄)開啟的資料表個數已經開啟的表個數。如果該值很大,則說明表快取大小可能設定過小目前由從 SQL 程序開啟的臨時表的數量伺服器執行指令時自動在硬碟上建立的臨時表的數量。如果 Created_tmp_disk_tables 很大,您可以增加 tmp_table_size 的值,讓伺服器使用記憶體來儲存臨時表而非硬碟目前用於控制連線的程序數。如果 Threads_created 很大,您可能需要增加 thread_cache_size 的值 (如果程序狀況良好,這麼做通常並不會帶來顯著的性能提升)程序快取中程序的數量。快取命中率可以由 Threads_created/Connections 計算得出如果該值是紅色的,則應該增加 thread_cache_size 的值非睡眠狀態的程序數量使用了比 slow_launch_time 更多的時間來啓動的程序數量等待行鎖的次數從資料表中刪除行的次數無法立即取得鎖定表而必須等待的次數。如果該值很高,且您遇到了性能方面的問題,則應該首先檢查您的查詢指令,然後使用複製操作來分開表立即需要鎖定表的次數讀取一個索引入口點的次數。如果該值很大,說明您的伺服器執行了很多完整索引掃描。例如,假設欄位 col1 已經建立了索引,然後執行 SELECT col1 FROM foo因交易使用的臨時二進制日誌快取超出 binlog_cache_size 的設定而使用臨時檔案儲存的數量交易所用的臨時二進制日誌快取的數量鍵快取中未使用的塊數。您可以根據這個值判斷目前使用了多少鍵快取鍵快取中已經使用的塊數。該值指示在某個時刻使用了最多塊數的數量因日誌快取太小而必須等待其被寫入所造成的等待數寫入 InnoDB 快取池的次數%s 的密碼已修改密碼不能爲空!兩次密碼不一致![a@http://swekey.com]SweKey 硬件認證 [/a]的設定檔案路徑 (請勿置於您的檔案根資料夾,推薦使用:/etc/swekey.conf)資料日志檔案中壓縮前無效資料所佔的比率。值域爲 1 到 99,預設值爲50在庫檔案被壓縮之前垃圾資料所佔的比率phpMyAdmin 設定儲存功能未能啟動, %s請按此%s 查出問題原因.phpMyAdmin 高級功能未全部設定,部分功能不可用。要查出原因請%s點這裡%s。這個圖可以在其邊框的右下角進行縮放。PBMS 基於流的通信連接埠。設爲 0 將禁止與該伺服器的 HTTP 通信已刪除主鍵已成功重新載入權限設定檔案己更新已刪除該行在權限表內找不到選中的使用者已成功刪除選中的使用者伺服器沒有回應(或者是伺服器的 socket 沒有被正確的設定)伺服器沒有回應。回滾和新日誌建立前交易日誌的大小。預設值爲 16MB寫入資料日誌時使用的快取大小。預設值爲 256MB。資料引擎會爲每一個需要進行資料日誌寫入的程序分配一個快取區全域交易日誌快取 (資料引擎會分配兩個該大小的快取區)。預設值爲 1MBInnoDB 用於快取資料和索引要使用的記憶體快取大小。失敗保護器的狀態 (尚未套用)資料表名稱不能爲空!無法更新目標瀏覽視窗。可能您已經關閉了父視窗或您瀏覽器的安全設定阻止了跨視窗更新。keep-alive 標記所設定的不操作連線超時時間。在此時間後連線將被關閉。單位:毫秒臨時 BLOB 的超時時間 (單位:秒)。上傳的 BLOB 資料將在此時間後刪除,除非其被數據庫中的記錄所引用最後編譯的查詢的總開銷由查詢最佳化器計算得出,可用於比較使用不同的查詢指令進行相同的查詢時的效率差異。預設值0表示還沒有查詢被編譯查詢快取中的總塊數資料讀取總數資料寫入總數等待取得行鎖的總時間 (單位:毫秒)上傳檔案的大小超過 HTML 表單中指定的 MAX_FILE_SIZE 值。上傳檔案的大小超過 php.ini 檔案中 upload_max_filesize 的限制。檔案上傳失敗,僅上傳了一部分的檔案。使用者 %s 己存在!帳號不能爲空!網頁伺服器沒有儲存 %s 檔案的權限。主題未找到主題 %s !找不到主題 %s 的路徑!沒有設定好的伺服器沒有可上傳的檔案沒有最新資料表您可能發現了 SQL 解析器的缺陷 (bug)。請仔細檢查您的查詢,包括引號是否正確及是否符合。其它可能的失敗原因可能由於您上傳了超過引用笔墨區域外的二進制資料。您還可以在 MySQL 命令行界面試一下您的查詢。如果可能的話,以下會列出 MySQL 服務器的錯誤輸出,這可能對您解決問題有一定的幫助。如果您仍然有問題,或者命令行界面執行成功而解析器出錯,請將您的 SQL 查詢縮減到導致問題的某一條指令,然後和下面剪切區中的資料一起送出一個缺陷 (bug) 報告:沒有該儲存引擎的詳細狀態資訊。您的 SQL 查詢可能有錯。如果可能的話,以下會列出 MySQL 伺服器的錯誤輸出,這可能對您解決問題有一定的幫助在匯入 ESRI Shapefile 時發生錯誤:「%s」這些是編輯、複製和刪除的連結該%s選項%s應該被關閉以防止有人嘗試暴力破解 MySQL 伺服器。如果有必要,您可以使用%s可信代理表%s。但如果您和許多人共用一個 IP 網址,該措施的安全性將下降如果瀏覽器支援,建議啓用該%s選項%s此主機此 MySQL 伺服器不支援 %s 儲存引擎。此 MySQL 伺服器正以伺服器運行於複製程序中此 MySQL 伺服器正以伺服器運行於複製程序中此 MySQL 伺服器正以伺服器運行於複製程序中這個欄位顯示一些被群組起來的相似查詢。但是系統只是用這些查詢的笔墨作為群組的標準,所以查詢的結果可能會有些許不同。您所使用的瀏覽器不支援此功能該格式沒有選項如果該值爲 ON,則這臺伺服器是一臺已經連線到主伺服器的從伺服器這不是一個數字!用於索引快取的記憶體大小。預設值爲 32MB。該快取僅用於快取索引頁用於快取表資料的快取記憶體大小。預設值爲 32MB。該快取用於記錄處理器資料 (*.xtd) 和行指標 (*.xtr) 檔案系統維護的交易日誌數量 (pbxt/system/*.xt)。如果日誌數量大於此值,舊的日誌將會被刪除,或者被以升序數字序列重命名這個作業將會執行較長的時間, 請問使否確定執行?該選項將導致目前表的結構和資料被替換此頁沒有包含任何資料表!該插件不支援匯入檔案!此伺服器已被設定爲一個複製程序中的主伺服器此伺服器尚未設定爲一個複製程序中的主伺服器。您想現在設定嗎?此伺服器尚未設定爲一個複製程序中的主伺服器。您可以選擇複製所有但忽略某些資料庫 (當您想複製大多數資料庫時很有用) 或者僅複製某些資料庫。請選擇模式:此伺服器尚未設定爲一個複製程序中的從伺服器。您想現在設定嗎?此設定已停用,不會套用到您的設定中這個資料表不含唯一的資料欄位,跟修改、複製、刪除有關的功能可能會無效。這通常是代表在設定黨內有一些語法錯誤,請檢查以下的任何錯誤。這個值是使用 %1$sstrftime%2$s 來解析的,所以您能用時間格式的字元串。另外,下列內容也將被轉換:%3$s。其他笔墨將保持原樣。參見%4$s常見問題 (FAQ)%5$s。對該值應該進行小心謹慎的檢查,確保伺服器上的其他使用者對該資料夾都沒有讀取和寫入的權限這個檢視至少需包含這個數目的資料,請參考%sdocumentation%s。已中止程序 %s程序週四星期四TB時間選中一個資料庫時瀏覽器視窗的標題選中一個伺服器時瀏覽器視窗的標題選中一張資料表時瀏覽器視窗的標題未選擇時瀏覽器視窗的標題至選擇這個圖的一部份以放大。今天切換草稿板反向收縮/展開錯誤訊息過多,有一些沒有被顯示出來。總計從 SQL 程序總共重試交易複製數暫存區總計總數量總記憶體快取池總大小 (單位:頁)總計耗時:總計:追蹤資料表追蹤下列資料定義指令:追蹤下列資料操作指令:已追蹤的表追蹤%s.%s 的追蹤,版本 %s 已啓用%s.%s 的追蹤,版本 %s 已停用追蹤已啓用。追蹤已停用。%s.%s 的追蹤已啓用追蹤資料庫的修改。需要 phpMyAdmin 進階功能。追蹤報告`%s` 的追蹤報告追蹤指令正體中文傳統西班牙語流量交易快取大小交易協調轉換選項觸發器截斷顯示的查詢嘗試用空密碼連線嘗試恢復錯誤參數爲預設值二週二星期二土耳其語類型「介面偏好」資料表導覽框架中 logo 的網址將指向烏克蘭語無法修改主伺服器無法連線到主伺服器 %s無法讀取主伺服器日誌。主伺服器的權限設定可能有問題全不選引號不配對Unicode唯一單位未知的標點符號字元串未知錯誤上傳檔案時發生未知錯誤。上傳檔案時發生未知錯誤。未知的語言:%1$s.無法解析版本全不選未追蹤的表更新查詢更新行更新上傳資料夾上傳到 BLOB 容器使用主機表使用本地(LOCAL)關鍵字使用OpenStreetMaps使用 SSL按 TAB 鍵跳到下一個數值,或 CTRL+方向鍵 作隨意移動使用表使用資料庫搜尋使用延遲插入爲 BLOB 欄位使用16進制 (HEX)在首頁上使用圖示使用忽略錯誤的新增 (insert)不在標簽上使用背景使用輕量級版本爲資料庫和資料資料表名稱使用自然排序僅使用圖示、笔墨或都使用在連線到 MySQL 資料庫時使用持續連線使用笔墨域使用這個欄位來標記每個點使用此值已用Swap已使用記憶體使用的變數/公式使用者config 認證方式的帳號帳號使用者偏好使用者偏好表使用者名使用者名稱使用者使用者不能設定更大的值使用者可以訪問“%s”使用書籤 "/phpMyAdmin/locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/%s" 作爲預設的查詢view名檢驗 SQL已校驗的 SQL值%s 欄位的值輸入的值應小於等於 %s新欄位的值%s 欄位的值變數變數詳細檢查爲多個指令輸出更多資訊伺服器名稱版本已建立版本 %s,%s.%s 的追蹤已啓用版本 %s 的快照 (SQL 程式碼)檢查更新版本資訊版本view已刪除 view %s點選結構的名字查看內容查看資料庫的轉存(大綱)查看資料庫的轉存(大綱)查看資料表的轉存(大綱)查看圖片僅查看直接顯示為文本播放影片view虛擬的 GIS 資料警告警告三網站伺服器週三星期三歡迎使用 %s易懂的二進位檔易懂的笔墨西歐要使用的 PHP 外掛,如果支援,推薦使用 mysqli使用主機表時,此處的資料會被主機資料表中的資料所替換再次瀏覽資料表時,之前的排序偏好會被記錄停用時,使用者不能設定下列選項,右側的複選框被忽略當設爲 [kbd]nested[/kbd] 時,資料表的別名僅根據 $cfg['LeftFrameTableSeparator'] 作分割/層疊用,所有只有目錄的名字像別名,資料表自己的名字並不改變用來顯示資料列的連結設定當資料庫建立時,是否在紀錄檔第一行加上 DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS 指令。設定當資料表建立時,是否在紀錄檔前面加上 DROP TABLE IF EXISTS 指令。設定當 view 建立時,是否在紀錄檔前面加上 DROP VIEW IF EXISTS 命令。設定是否給使用者顯示一個 "顯示所有 (記錄)" 的按鈕當查詢可能丟失資料時是否顯示警告 ("您真的要...")設定追蹤系統是否自動爲資料表和 view 建立版本。是否顯示使用小技巧在讀取新的圖表時發生錯誤,這很可能是您的 SESSION 已經過期。您可以重新整理嘗試解決這個問題。寬維基 (Wiki)要使用萬用字元 _ 和 % 本身,應使用用 \ 轉義選中項:無 PHP 程式碼周每個單詞用空格「 」分隔。要搜尋的笔墨或數值 (萬用字元:“%”):您希望刪除目前目標資料表中的所有資料嗎?寫請求寫等待數寫等待率phpMyAdmin 發現您的設定檔允許任何人寫入,為了安全性的考量,請重新設定該設定檔的權限。帳號/密碼錯誤,拒絕訪問。XXMLYY軸數值none是該伺服器現在允許空密碼登錄您將要刪除一個完整的資料庫!您將會刪除整個資料表!您即將要停用 BLOB 儲存格式!您將會清空整個資料表!您現在沒有使用安全連線,所有資料(包括敏感資訊,如密碼)均爲純笔墨傳輸!您現在使用的是開發版,請透過 [kbd]git pull[/kbd] 檢查更新 :-)[br]最新正式版爲 %s,於 %s 發佈您試圖載入無法支援的壓縮檔 (%s). 可能是檔案格式尚未被支援或該檔案的支援功能在您的設定檔中被停用.您可以直接點擊欄位內容
來修改大部分的欄位。您可以輸入以空格分隔的 主機名/IP網址 和 連結埠。您可以透過建立一個臨時資料庫來執行這個匯出。請確保您有足夠的權限您可以重置並將所有設定恢復爲預設值您可以透過修改 config.inc.php 檔案進行更多設定,如透過使用%s安裝指令%s您可以使用 MySQL 萬用字元 (% 和 _),如果想要表示萬用字元的原始意義,請在前面加上反斜線。例:用 [kbd]'my\_db'[/kbd] 而不是 [kbd]'my_db'[/kbd]。透過該選項您可以對資料庫列表排序,只要依序輸入它們的名稱並在最後加上 [kbd]*[/kbd] 顯示剩下的資料庫(依字母排序)。您沒有辦法修改這些變數,請改用 root 登入或是聯絡該資料庫的管理員。您開啟了 Cookies 認證方式,但沒有設定短語密碼,因此系統自動產生了一個短語密碼,該密語用於加密 Cookies。您不需要記住這個短語密碼您沒有足夠的權限建立一個 Event權限不足!您已新增了一個新使用者有一些修改的資料尚未儲存,你確定要不儲存直接離開本頁?PHP 設定中已啓用了 mbstring.func_overload 。這個選項和 phpMyAdmin 不相容,可能會導致一些資料損壞!您沒有已儲存的設定!您已移除 %s 的權限至少要增加一個字段。您至少需要選擇一個欄位您已更新了 %s 的權限你尚未儲存修改的資料。請確認是否要捨棄這些資料?您必須為 Event 指定一個正確觸發條件您必須為 Event 指定一個正確的執行時間。您必須為 Event 指定一個正確的時間間隔。您必須為 Event 指定一個正確的類型。您必須為 Event 給予一個正確的定義。您必須為 Event 指定一個名稱您可能還沒有建立設定檔案。您可以使用 %1$s 設定指令 %2$s 來建立。您上傳的檔案過大, 請查看此 %s 文件 %s 了解如何解決此限制.您設定了 [kbd]config[/kbd] 認證方式,且爲了能夠自動登錄而儲存了帳號和密碼,但在常用主機上不建議這樣設定。如果有人知道 phpMyAdmin 的網址,他們就能夠進入 phpMyAdmin 的管理界面。建議將%s認證方式%s設定爲 [kbd]cookie 認證[/kbd]或 [kbd]HTTP 認證[/kbd]您應升級到 %s %s 或更高版本。您可以使用 mysqli 以取得更高的性能您匯入了不正確的檔案或是內涵不正確的內容您的 PHP MySQL 函式庫版本 %s 和您的 MySQL 伺服器版本 %s 不同。這可能造成一些無法預期的問題。您的 PHP 設定參數 [a@http://php.net/manual/en/session.configuration.php#ini.session.gc-maxlifetime@_blank]session.gc_maxlifetime [/a] 短於您在 phpMyAdmin 中設定的 Cookies 有效期,因此您的登錄連線有效期將會比您在 phpMyAdmin 中設定的時間要更短。您的 SQL 語法已順利執行您的瀏覽器中有目前域的 phpMyAdmin 設定。是否匯入到目前連線中?您設定檔案中的設定 (空密碼的 root) 與 MySQL 預設管理員帳號對應。您的 MySQL 服務器使用預設值運行當然沒有問題,不過這樣的話,被入侵的可能性會很大,我們強烈建議您應該立即給 'root' 使用者設定一個密碼來補上這個安全漏洞。您的偏好將僅作用於本次連線。要想永久儲存需要 %sphpMyAdmin 進階功能%sZIP進一步搜尋[kbd]SMART[/kbd] - 如:對 TIME、DATE、DATETIME 和 TIMESTAMP 類型的欄位遞減排序,其他欄位遞增[strong]警告:[/strong]需要安裝 PHP SOAP 外掛或 PEAR SOAP啓用所有詞然後以正則運算式 (regular expression) 搜索至少一個字以上兼有以上兼有
      如:INSERT INTO tbl_name (col_A,col_B) VALUES (1,2,3), (4,5,6), (7,8,9)bzip 壓縮calendar-year-month不區分大小寫區分大小寫完整插入concurrent_insert 已被設置為 0資料按資料庫指定字典動態個錯誤Event缺少函數 (%s),匯出功能無效外掛插入說明無general_log與slow_query_log已啟用general_log 已啟用。全域gzip 壓縮水平水平 (旋轉標題)缺少函數 (%s),匯入功能無效查詢中使用中給每個 INSERT (插入) 指令加上欄位名稱
      如:INSERT INTO tbl_name (col_A,col_B,col_C) VALUES (1,2,3)在每個 INSERT(插入) 指令中插入多行
      如:INSERT INTO tbl_name VALUES (1,2,3), (4,5,6), (7,8,9)讓使用者選擇log_output 沒有被指定 TABLE。log_output 已經被指定至 TABLE.long_query_time 被指定為 %d 秒。ltr最大同時連線數最大 %smcrypt 警告多語言以上均不以上均不
      如:INSERT INTO tbl_name VALUES (1,2,3)無說明錯誤停用未找到$_GLOBALS 內含非法的數字鍵名頁數已分區每天每小時每分鐘每秒電話本phpMyAdmin 檔案phpMyAdmin 主頁 (外鏈,英文)phpMyAdmin 較適合使用在支援頁框的瀏覽器.phpMyAdmin 嘗試連線到 MySQL 伺服器,但伺服器拒絕連線。您應該檢查設定檔案中的主機、帳號和密碼,並確認這些資訊與 MySQL 伺服器管理員所給出的資訊一致。phpMyAdmin 無法中止程序 %s。該程序可能已經關閉您可能遭遇多層遞迴攻擊$_REQUEST 數量過多(駭客?)推薦已共享新建資料表slow_query_log 與 general_log 已停用。slow_query_log 已經被啟用,但是伺服器仍然只為執行時間大於 %d 秒的查詢做紀錄。建議根據您的系統將 long_query_time 設定為 0-2 秒。slow_query_log 已啟用。靜態結構結構和資料子查詢確定精確短語總計不可用未知未知的資料表狀態:最新使用 GZip 輸出快取以加快 HTTP 傳輸速度以後也使用此設定垂直網站伺服器上傳資料夾萬用字元zip 壓縮