A Stolen Life

“As a wide-eyed idealistic student nurse, I trusted my doctor colleagues to keep their oath of ‘First do no harm’. I'm older and wiser now and see that even some in whom we entrust our most precious possessions, our children, can and will do harm if the situation calls for it and saves them embarrassment or loss.”

Alice Breakie, R.N.
The nurse that administered ACTH therapy to Scott

“This is a gripping and thought-provoking story of how corporate power and a vaccine manufacturer's political involvement with the government vaccine regulatory agency allowed a defective vaccine to be marketed, which robbed Scott Grant of his mind and body.”

By: J. Anthony Morris, Ph.D.
Former leading FDA Virologist

“The drama catches the reader in a manner similar to the David and Goliath story. One identifies with David. With bated breath, one waits for the next encounter with the adversary, and feels the pathos of the ending where the underdog loses.”

By: Earl Peters, M.D.
A 21-year veteran physician

“Using Scottie's syndromes as a format, I have expounded to many young parents on the hazards of vaccination. How can neurological damage be measured, especially if sub-clinical? The school systems are now attempting to provide education for more ADD and disruptive students than ever before. Is there possibly a suspected cause?”

By: Donald W. Reese, D.C.
Scott's long-time treating doctor

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