Yacon Extract Syrup Side Effects

So the newest weight-loss product on the market is yacon extract syrup, the metabolism-speeding, blood-sugar-regulating, totally natural product that fits into your diet without you needing to make drastic changes to your meal plans or exercise regime.

If you’re overweight and your current diet lacks fiber, yacon could help you make the body changes you really want.

But, as with all new diet products, you have to ask yourself whether it is too good to be true. Are there any side effects of yacon syrup?

First, let’s remind ourselves what yacon syrup actually is and how it works. Yacon is a plant native to the Andes and from its tuberous roots can be extracted a natural, organic weight-loss aid that can take the form of syrup, capsules or powder.

Yacon syrup is gooey like molasses. Some people think it tastes like prunes. You can take it by the teaspoonful, add it to hot drinks or even use it to make a salad dressing. It basically fits right into your everyday diet.

It works by feeding the “good” bacteria in your gut, which speed up your metabolism and reduce your hunger pangs. These bacteria are also thought to boost the body’s immunity. Yacon is high in prebiotics: the really important ones here are called fructooligosaccharides (FOS). FOS are soluble fiber, so can help you beat constipation. FOS also work with the good bacteria to stop your liver synthesising cholesterol and enhance tissue sensitivity to insulin. FOS regulate the production of peptides in your intestines, which help you control your appetite and cravings for food.

This isn’t a supplement – it’s something that can be part of your regular meal plans.

Yacon syrup really hit the headlines after Dr Oz ran a feature on his show where he revealed the results of a trial where 40 women took a teaspoon of yacon syrup either before or with their three main meals each day. These women didn’t change their diets or increase their exercise levels, but on average each woman lost 2.9 pounds and lost 1.9 inches from their waist.

So, where to buy yacon syrup? Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that after the Dr Oz program, yacon syrup began to fly off the shelves of health-food stores. All over the USA, people are trying to source this amazing weight-loss aid. It’s easier to buy it online but beware: because yacon syrup is causing such a buzz, many internet retailers claim to offer yacon syrup, but what they sell isn’t always the real deal.

Buy Yacon syrup USA

Yacon syrup: where to buy? If your local store is sold out, and you’re buying online, check here: http://yaconsyrup-reviews.org, run these checks before you hand over your credit-card details.

  1. Yacon comes in basically three forms:
  • Syrup
  • Capsules (some people prefer to take yacon this way)
  • Powder Again, some people prefer this, especially if they’re using it in baking because it can be a sugar substitute. Yacon powder is usually less sweet than syrup.

Whatever kind of yacon you’re buying, check that you can see the ingredients (ideally a picture of the actual label). Is the product you’ve chosen 100 percent pure yacon root extract? Make sure it’s not bulked out with artificial fillers or caffeine.

Remember, yacon is completely natural; anything with added chemicals might not have the same effectiveness.

  1. Watch out for those websites that offer you a free trial sample. Yeah, you’ll get free yacon syrup, but not until you’ve given out personal details. And even if the website says you can cancel at any time, we’ve heard so many reports of people finding it really difficult to end their order and paying for more product than they wanted to order.

Why should you buy yacon syrup in the USA? How does it actually work?

Yacon extract syrup is packed with prebiotics, which promote the growth of the good bacteria in your intestines. The prebiotics in yacon syrup include fructans, which can boost your immune system and are also thought to help curb digestive allergies. These fructans are also soluble fiber that will really help if you don’t have much fiber in your diet or suffer constipation. Combining fructans with the good bacteria can even effect the way your liver produces cholesterol, reducing the levels of “bad” cholesterol in your body. What’s more, yacon syrup affects your body’s production of peptides, which can help limit your appetite and beat food cravings.

Yacon Syrup: where to buy in USA

We only recommend pure yacon products from approved suppliers. While we don’t ship pure yacon extract ourselves, we’ve worked hard to forge strong professional relationships with reputable suppliers so you know you’re getting the best deal.

From our recommended suppliers, you can order with confidence, knowing that they offer rapid delivery to your office or home.

The only thing we would say is that because of the hype surrounding yacon right now, there’s a chance our partner suppliers may have sold out. If that happens, don’t worry. Check the website again in a few days.

So… Yacon root extract is a totally natural weight-loss aid that can easily fit into your current diet plan.

  • Yacon syrup helps you internally
  • It feeds the good bacteria in your intestines
  • it regulates food intake
  • it modulates your blood sugar levels
  • it can boost your body’s immune system
  • it will increase the fiber in your diet and beat constipation
  • it can help your liver lower levels of “bad” cholesterol

It helps you externally. You’ll lose not only pounds in weight but inches from your waist